Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Goals/201516Q2/checkin-12-01


60 (ish) day checkin on Q2 goals[edit]

30 day checkin at:

Reduce CI wait time[edit]

CI cluster responds to spike in queued builds by starting and registering additional jenkins slaves[edit]
  • git cache, waiting on a deb package (which?) to be reviewed/uploaded by ops
  • package manager cache: maybe gemstash
  • TODO: manually trigger nodepool to spin up more instances with a lot of commits
  • nodepool still doesn't send stats to statsd, need python-shade (blocked on ops) to upgrade nodepool
    • still need to patch Nodepool to reduce the stats it does send

Migrate majority of CI jobs to Nodepool[edit]
  • python tox - task T119141
    • done
  • ruby rake - task T119142
    • done
  • javascript npm - task T119143
    • in-progress
    • move out the linters first

Reduce number of deploy tools from 3 to 2[edit]

Migrate all Service team owned services and MW deploys to scap3[edit]
  • Still working on AQS with services team in Beta Cluster
  • Added docs on how to setup a repo (scap.config) (probably will help with ^)
  • still working on some needed puppet changes
    • getting rid of the Trebuchet provider in Puppet

Retire Gerrit and Gitblit in favor of Phabricator[edit]

Decommission Gitblit[edit]
  • Still working on the URL redirection stuff
    • will fix things like the updating {{{file}}} templates stuff
  • Replicate open patchsets to diffusion
    • mostly doable, but the UI bits aren't clear yet
    • Chad to update ticket with updates from upstream

Code review RFC: creation, publication, discussion, feedback etc[edit]
  • Drafting of the example workflow pages (not yet really started)
  • Create a repo for arcanist/etc documentation (using same tooling as used in scap repo)
  • RFC drafting session on Thursday (12/3)
  • Mukunda to get some of the doc infra in place before (sphinx docs)


Release MediaWiki 1.26[edit]

A quality MW 1.26 successfully released[edit]
Released last week :D
  • dedicated email address for release announcements
  • resourceloader issue maybe