Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2019-06-20

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Last Time[edit]


TODOs from last time[edit]

  • TODO various attack vectors document to start
  • SRE will not be able to put in as many resources as before for deploying things into the pipeline.
    • Will be in a more supporting role, expecting more work from those who develop services.


  • Port restbase chart from local-charts
  • CI arch doc v2
    • Thanks for the feedback so far
    • Should be ready this week, did not quite make it for this meeting
    • Will be linking to new version from the old one


  • Blubberoid doesn't have metrics. Would integration with Prometheus be helpful?
    • TODO Tyler to open a ticket for this. It shouldn't be very difficult.


  • No update, CPT off-site week.

As Always[edit]