Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2019-06-06

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Last Time[edit]


TODOs from last time[edit]

  • stalled TODO various attack vectors document to start
  • TODO docs for service docker container in beta


  • Dan is out for the next 6 weeks
  • Merging deployment-charts and local-charts


  • sesstionstore deployed successfully
  • looking into restrouter (probably early next quarter)
  • wikifeeds (part of mobileapps/mcs) has been split off and requested to be deployed next FY
  • moving on to termbox


  • Citoid/Zotero IP missing -
    • Need an addressable zotero to deploy with it
    • Create a service with a fixed IP, update the values.yaml with that fixed ip
    • Deploy as a helm chart dependency
    • Alex: subchart like with kask and cassandra, but that would still require some way of addressing zotero from citoid.
      • alternatively could deploy zotero in the same pod but that would pollute the citoid...
    • 'TODO .pipeline/helm.yaml delete, open task about above issue
  • restrouter helm chart v1 - 
    • Alex: needs a container image before we can review helm chart

As Always[edit]