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What do “diversity” and “inclusion” mean in the context of product? Diversity in this context is in reference to having a variety of social stratifications within a collective, namely class, race, sexual orientation, age, disability and gender. An important aspect of diversity to consider in the context of the movement which traverse across these various groups are differences of ideological viewpoints which informs the types of knowledge considered for inclusion.

Inclusion is recognizing the need for greater diversity across the following groups in Wikimedia: Contributors of content Beneficiaries of content (i.e., Readers and Consumers of content) Movement Organizers and Representatives (i.e. at an Institutional level, in policy-making & decision-making) Ultimately, the drive for inclusion of different contributors, beneficiaries and movement leaders is to ensure diversity of knowledge. That is, broadening perspectives of the various forms of content that we consider as valid and valuable part of the knowledge space.

White Paper[edit]