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The Wikimedia Foundation’s Product department here publishes a set of essays introducing key themes relevant to Wikimedia products today. We hope these position papers will provide a shared understanding of our collective thinking on key questions about Wikimedia’s software, and its near term (3-5 year) future.

In these pages, we put forward our perspective on topics identified by an organization wide generative process. We hope this directional framing will help to guide our strategic and annual plans as we move into aligning the Foundation's work with the movement's strategy. These essays aim to provide a pragmatic synthesis of the significant pool of research on Wikimedia, and give reasoned arguments for our specific perspectives on how to move forward. In some cases they do so with detail and specificity, and in others they point to a general direction, an area where we need to grow our understanding, or a competency we need to develop.

We hope this product and design thinking can help to guide conversations at the Wikimedia Technical Conference and beyond. Although we have much more to learn, plan and explain, these overview essays give an initial take on what we need to build, improve or maintain in order to deliver the change that will advance us towards our goals of knowledge equity and providing knowledge as a service, as the essential infrastructure of the free knowledge ecosystem.


  1. Trust
  2. Experience
  3. Scale
  4. Augmentation
  5. Culture
  6. Tools

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