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Wikimedia Developer Summit/2017/Information for participants

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Participants of this event agree to follow the Friendly Space Policy.

Emergency Information

  • Event emergency phone number (Please only use this number during the event and in case of a TRUE emergency.): +1 510-735-4130

Tips for participants[edit]

What to bring?[edit]

  • RAIN GEAR: it WILL be raining in San Francisco during the Wikimedia Developer Summit. You should bring an umbrella, rain jacket and rain appropriate shoes.
  • Your laptop
  • A reusable water bottle and / or coffee mug. The fewer disposable cups used the better!
  • Warm Jacket
  • Small bags, not large ones if possible. You will be taking your bag from session to session.
  • Snacks, in case you don't like the snacks provided

Other logistics[edit]

  • If any participants prefer not to have their photos taken there will be name tag lanyards available:
    • Green Lanyard: It is OK to take my photo!
    • Yellow Lanyard: I don't mind being in the background of your photo or in group shots, but if you want to take a close up photo of me you need to ask.
    • Red Lanyard: I do not want to be in any part of your photo. If you take my photo I must give you verbal permission in advance.
  • A quiet room will be available throughout the event for participants who need a break from noise and socialization
  • Bus transportation will be arranged for participants once a day in each direction. In the morning busses will take you from Club Quarters Hotel to the Golden Gate Club. In the afternoon busses will take you from the Golden Gate Club to the Wikimedia Foundation offices where we will be holding social events each night.
  • In order to enter the Wikimedia Foundation offices for our social events you MUST have your conference name badge with you. No exceptions.


Daily event menus

If you are not able to eat what we provide you are welcome to bring your own food.

Your options close to the venue are limited.

Emails to Registered Event Participants[edit]