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This email went out to all registered participants on December 14th.


Hello Wikimedia Developer Summit 2017 Participants,

Wikimedia Developer Summit 2017 is less than 6 weeks away and we look forward to welcoming you to San Francisco!

This should be the first of three informational emails that you receive from the event organization team between now and the January 9th.

If you are receiving this email and are not planning to attend the Wikimedia Developer Summit or if the days you can or cannot attend have changed please help us out and email [[1]] so we can update the catering orders accordingly.

Program Information

We are pleased to announce that the first program draft of the pre-scheduled sessions has been published. You can continue to discuss topics and sessions you are interested in on Phabricator.

This schedule includes two plenary sessions:

* Has our success made it hard to see your own contribution?

<> by Ward Cunningham

* Wikimedia Foundation Technology and Product Q&A, with Victoria Coleman (CTO) and Wes Moran (VP of Product).

You can propose and vote questions for Victoria and Wes between now and the

beginning of the Summit:

We welcome feedback about possible improvements to the schedule. Please

share your suggestions at the related discussion page


We plan to confirm the final schedule on Friday, December 23rd.

Connect with other attendees

Please take a moment to review your public participant information and change or add to it as you like. It also might be a good opportunity to reach out and contact anyone you are interested in collaborating with in advance of the event. If you would like to contact a participant but do not have their contact information you can email [[2]] and I will help.

Safe Space

We take our friendly space policy very seriously. All participants have agreed to this policy in their registrations. If you have any questions or concerns about the policy please let us know.

The next email will have more information on the unconference, the "Get-Stuff-Done-Day" (day 3), our pre-summit online event, remote participation (for your colleagues), and more!


Rachel Farrand

Events Program Manager

Wikimedia Foundation