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Wikimedia Challenge powered by ROSEdu

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What's this?[edit]

Wikimedia Challenge is an online coding contest that anyone in Romania and Moldova can join. The purpose is to write code for Wikimedia tech projects and have it merged in upstream. You get points for the number of lines and files touched, but also for the quality of the code you write (the reviewer's feedback). The contest runs between November 1st, 2016 - March 1st, 2017, during which we will hold 3 hackathons.


The challenge is organized by the Wikimedia community in Romania together with ROSEdu. The Wikimedia community in Romania is a group of volunteers working on the various Wikimedia projects. It is not yet organized as a User Group or chapter. The wikimedian organizing this meeting is Strainu.

ROSEdu (short for Romanian Open Source Education) is an organization based on a community formed by programming and open-source software enthusiasts, in the educational environment. ROSEdu's mission is to initiate, support and develop education based on the values of Open Source.


  1. First prize: A trip to the Wikimedia Hackathon 2017!
  2. Second prize: Goodies from the Wikimedia store
  3. A special prize for women: goodies from the Wikimedia store

Help and support[edit]

You can contact the organizers through:

  • IRC on rosedu.slack.com or freenode - #rosedu connect
  • the Facebook event
  • through this contact form.

For questions related to a specific project, you can contact the maintainer directly through their talk page or on IRC. For questions related to a specific bug, please use Phabricator (our bug tracker) directly - just answer to the specific bug you're interested in. This way your chances of getting an answer fast are increased.


How to participate[edit]

Please make sure you read the rules of using this gerrit instance before you begin. This will prevent reviews being rejected because they don't follow the required rules.

  1. Create a new account at Wikimedia's gerrit (this is different from your Wikipedia account, if you have one)
  2. Register on the platform at challenge.rosedu.org
    1. Log in with the github account
    2. In the profile page click on "Connect Wikimedia account" and, when prompted, allow access to your gerrit account.
  3. Join the Wikimedia Challenge on the website
  4. Start submitting reviews on Gerrit. They will be graded automatically.

How to start writing code[edit]

What can I work on?[edit]

You can work on any project on http://gerrit.wikimedia.org , but only the projects listed below will be automatically graded. That shouldn't stop you from participating: if your favorite project is not in the list below, contact us and we'll add it.

For newcomers to the Wikimedia world, we recommend starting from the Annoying little bugs page, which contains easy bugs which should be relatively easy to fix. You can also find out how to contribute.

Project list[edit]