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Visão geral

Wikibase is the software that enables MediaWiki to store structured data or access data that is stored in a structured data repository. Wikibase basically consists of four MediaWiki extensions. Wikibase Repository and Wikibase Client can be enabled individually or together for a certain MediaWiki installation to turn it into a structured data repository, a client of a structured data repository or both.

For example, Wikidata is a Wikibase Repository as well as a Wikibase Client.

You can find out more about the overall architecture of Wikibase and its components on

Repositório Wikibase

Extensão:Wikibase Repository é uma extensão do MediaWiki que pode transformar uma instalação do MediaWiki em um repositório de dados estruturado. Permite editar e armazenar esses dados.

Cliente Wikibase

Wikibase Client is a MediaWiki extension that can turn a MediaWiki installation into a client of a structured data repository. It allows to use and display data from a Wikibase Repository via Lua modules or parser functions. Clients can also use centralized language links or article placeholders.


WikibaseView provides a view component for the Wikibase Repository.


WikibaseLib provides common Wikibase functionality for Wikibase Repository and Wikibase Client.


In theory, Wikibase can be installed just like any other MediaWiki extension. However, due to complexity and dependencies, it requires some additional steps. Please refer to this installation guide if you want to set up your own Wikibase installation.

If you're a developer and want to contribute to the Wikibase codebase you rather want to have a development setup of Wikibase and should read through the Programmers guide to Wikibase .

There is also a docker image that may interest you

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