VeesualEediter/Beta Featurs/Formulae

This page is a translated version of the page VisualEditor/Beta Features/Formulae and the translation is 100% complete.
Please aye mynd tae luikower yer chynges afore hainin whan uisin expereemental featurs.

Ye can opt-in til ae VeesualEediter plug-in that lats ye cræft n eedit mathemateecal formulae aes pairt o the Beta Feturs programme. This is tae gather feedback fae uisers afore makin it available fer aw VeesualEediter uisers, yince it's mair polished.

Yince optit-in, ye'll get ae new eetem in the "Mair" section o the tuilbaur, nou labelled "LaTeX" n shawin ae Sigma aes its icon ("Σ"). Siclyk, exeestin formulae will nou get ae Sigma icon whan ye select thaim.

Clapin oan the icon will summin aen inspecter tae insert ae new formula or eedit the exeestin yin, this taks ae LaTeX expression (lik the exeestin <math> system – fer example, enter "e^{i\pi}" or "f(x)=3^x"), n updates the eemage o the formula.

Gif ye hae onie feedback aneat eeditin formulae, please comment oan the tauk page wi yer concerns, speirins or suggestions.