VisualEditor/Beta Features/Formula cı

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You can opt-in to a VisualEditor plug-in that lets you create and edit mathematical formulae as part of the Beta Features programme. This is to gather feedback from users ahead of making it available for all VisualEditor users, once it is more polished.

Once opted-in, you will get a new item in the "More" section of the toolbar, currently labelled "Formulae" and showing a Sigma as its icon ("Σ"). Similarly, existing formulae will now get a Sigma icon when you select them.

Clicking the icon will pop up an inspector to insert a new formula or edit the existing one, which takes a LaTeX expression (like the existing ‎<math> system – for example, enter "e^{i\pi}" or "f(x)=3^x"), and updates the image of the formula.

Heqa vurnayışanê formulan de fıkrê şıma ke esto, reca kenime, fıkır, pers û teklifanê xo pela werênayışi de bınusên.