User:Zakgreant/Manual Namespace Sweep


Key pages[edit]

These are some of the most important pages on in the Manual namespace. We want to polish them soon, as the are often used.

To tidy[edit]

These pages are less important, but really need a tidying.

Move to userspace[edit]

These pages don't really belong in the Manual namespace and should likely be moved.


  • we really, really need to separate pages as much as possible. Info gets fragmented across many pages then quickly gets crufty.
  • Manual:Contents/To_do needs to include some kind of flagging or category system. Manually maintaining a list of content to update, etc. makes work that doesn't need to be done. Need to take a hard look at flagged revs for this.
  • examine existing templates (and make new ones) to ease tedium.
  • notes that over-use of templates is a bad thing. Need to investigate, as I'd rather type {{$|SomeVar}} than <code>[[Manual:$SomeVar|$SomeVar]]</code>. Shouldn't the multiple layers of caching take care of the related load?
    {{wg}} created. Example: {{wg|EnableUploads}} Output: $wgEnableUploads .
  • let's put big, long URLs on a single line when possible so that we can read the darn things
  • Review all categories
  • need database hub
  • should tackle docs section-by-section, which will make it more efficient to determine needed templates, categories, etc.
  • not even going to think about Manual:Extension right now
  • need standard template for function arguments, etc.
  • Manual:Hooks should be tackled separately
  • skipping Interface articles for now
  • ensure that useful content in is also in the manual
  • start using tags from Special:Tags for edit messages?

Style and such[edit]

  • DBMS
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • PostgreSQL
    • SQLite
  • Programming Languages
    • Batch File
    • Javascript
    • PHP
    • Shell
    • SQL
  • Web Server
    • Apache
  • Links
  • Syntax
    • Class
    • Configuration Variable
    • Function
    • Method
    • Object
    • Variable


  • GET data or GET parameters or query string?