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My main user page is at OrganicDesign:Nad

Here's some useful MediaWiki related code snippets I've accumulated from writing extensions: OrganicDesign:MediaWiki code snippets

Some extensions I've made (more here)[edit]

- Login to your wiki with your decentralised Blockstack ID
- Composes a book from articles in a category and exports as a PDF file
- Allows dynamic menus and tree-views to be made with bullet-list syntax
- Send fully rendered articles with embedded CSS to users, groups or contact lists
- A wrapper for the highlight.js client-side syntax highlighter
- Allows live connections between the server and other current clients using WebSocket
- Adds "bliki" (blog-in-a-wiki) functionality to MediaWiki
- allows files to be uploaded to the wiki or to specific pages using the Blue Imp jQueryFileUpload module
- Replaces the MediaWiki talk page mechanism with an Ajax-based comments, reply and rating system at the bottom of the page
- Extends watchlist functionality to include notification about membership changes of watched categories
- Adds parser functions for listing recently created and edited articles
- Allows a list of currently active users to be embedded into a page using a template
- Adds a parser function to return a bullet list of most viewed pages within the last 24 hours.
- Add a message to newly created user's talk pages
- A parser-function for adding CSS files, article or inline rules to articles
- a very simple calendar extension which renders a table of all the months in the year with each day being a wiki article
- Allows mass deletion of articles by DPL query (based on Extension:Nuke by Brion Vibber
- Formats and sends posted forms to email recipients
- Creates a new MediaWiki log for user logins and logout events
- Allows emails and their attachments to be sent to a wiki as articles and uploaded files

Obsolete or Abandoned extensions projects (more here)[edit]

- Use simple template-syntax to create live portlets that update dynamically without the need for polling
- Allows articles containing XML to be returned as raw XML with associated XSLT applied if required
- Logs usage of the search box and allows reporting of keyword totals during given time periods
- Loads Javascript files from selected files or directories without duplication
- Shows how to add new built in variables
- A special page for finding and editing record articles using forms
- Allow MediaWiki installations to store content in an SQLite database instead of MySQL, and to run as a daemon independently of a web-server.
- Create packages of templates and other articles from remote wiki's. The resulting packages are PHP files which can be added or removed like a normal extension without affecting the database.
- Allows dynamic content areas called tags which can be switched between pre-selected states by clicking. The states can contain normal content such as images and categorisation links
- Makes recent-changes and watchlists render in nice columns for easier reading, see this example
- Extends native MediaWiki protection to allow article's viewability to be restricted
- Adds a hook called "CategoryHook" which allows rules-based categorisation, adds a parser-function for categorisation and adds a parser-function for checking if the current title is a member of a given category
- A taghook which allows ActionScript to render as an embedded SWF movie.
- Divides wiki into private and public by domain name, but allows unrestricted access to articles in a public category.
- A parser function which works like a template but the content is in a moveable panel which floats over the page instead of embedding in the page.
- A special page for backing up and restoring multiple wikis on a server
- The WikiMedia foundation is using Extension:FlaggedRevs for this purpose
- A set of simple mechanisms for making and processing forms
- A MediaWiki hack giving XML properties to articles
- try Extension:Pdf Book and/or Extension:Pdf Export instead
- Allows expandable/collapsable tables. Now using WikiNews method, see OrganicDesign:DynamicNavigation
- Replaced with Extension:TreeAndMenu
- Using normal wikitext articles to define skin content and layout
- adds a new parser function called #when which expands to easily queryable time categorisation
- Dynamically adds a new hook to intercept database row requests
- A template which can be added to an article to make it synchronise with a file