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My name is Edward Chernenko. I am an expert in software maintenance (finding bugs, improving existing software), MediaWiki developer and also an AWS Solutions Architect.

See my account in LinkedIn and GitHub.
Available for hire, contact me if you need some extension written or something.


MediaWiki extensions I maintain:

I also did some minor bugfixes in MediaWiki core and third-party extensions.

I haven't edited Grabbers myself, but they are based on some old Perl scripts I wrote in 2010 (MediaWikiDumper).

Aside from opensource projects, I wrote a huge extension that turns MediaWiki into a social network. It has 24000+ lines of PHP/JS code.

Contact info[edit]

You can contact me by email (

I don't participate in any Wikimedia projects (I did back when I was a teenager, but I haven't made an edit there for years).
My home wiki is Russian Uncyclopedia (Absurdopedia).