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MediaWiki 1.39 LTS test plan

Shirayuki (talkcontribs)
Proactive programming (talkcontribs)

Has my editing on all pages canceled. Fine. I will no longer try to help.

Proactive programming (talkcontribs)

Goodby, and thanks for all of the fish.

Edward Chernenko (talkcontribs)

Please refrain from adding these notes to pages of any of my extensions. They are not wanted there. I cover my extensions with tests, which is how you automatically know if they work or not with new versions of MediaWiki. I don't want regular "page was modified" notifications about these useless edits. If you want to help users, you should be writing tests instead.

Proactive programming (talkcontribs)

I was writing tests and testing extensions. That is how I found out that a huge number of extensions are using deprecated function calls. Originally I was going to just fix things locally, but then I thought I should "give back". But obviously, people preper the huge disaster that has become of the extentions. No standardization. Every extension becoming a random change it might or might not work. So goodbye, I will stop trying to help.

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