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Awareness that an article was translated automatically.

JustChill (talkcontribs)

Does Wikipedia still make on a note on articles merely translated automatically( via Content translation or Google Translate, for example) that they were automatically translated?

Amire80 (talkcontribs)

Content Translation and Google Translate are distinct and unrelated.

Content Translation is not a machine translation or automatic translation tool. Content Translation is a working environment for human wiki editors that helps creating the first revision of an article by translating an existing article from another language. It automatically helps to adapt images, links, footnotes, templates and some other formatting elements. For some language pairs it also has the option of integrating a machine translation service. It can be disabled, and it shows a warning if a user is trying to post a machine translation without editing. Every revision created by Content Translation has a "contenttranslation" tag, which appears in page history.

Google Translate is an external site. Some people use it in another window while editing Wikipedia pages, with or without Content Translation. There is no way for MediaWiki to know that a user used Google Translate while editing, and this must be patroled just like any other kind of unconstructive edit.

JustChill (talkcontribs)

Thanks a lot Amire. Well explained

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