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Please provide feedback about the Content translation tool on this page.

We suggest checking the Frequently Asked Questions page first.

When reporting a bug, it will help us a lot if you will indicate the following things:

  • Which article were you translating and to which language
  • Which browser did you use (Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.)
  • If you're getting any errors, please provide log from browser console if possible. To open browser console: press Ctrl+Shift+j (or cmd+alt+J () on a Mac).

In case you are familiar with Phabricator, please consider reporting a bug there.

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The thing that bothers me is the shaking of the screen. The text keeps rearranging for the slightest modification and it got me so tired after a few hours, I feel like my eyes will pop out.

The final text will look completely different anyway so please make it stop shaking up and down like that.

Pginer-WMF (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the feedback.

Some issues with the scroll jumping have been solved recently. Can you confirm whether the issue got solved for you too?


Hdfan2 (talkcontribs)

Same problem here. Tried just now, still scrolls up like crazy.

I just noted that when you edit at the beginning of the section, everything is ok, but with every paragraph it becomes more and more apparent.

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Guys, it's freaking weird. I just can't publish the article since there's a lot of editing done. Well, Google Translate isn't perfect. Now, I can't redo the editing just to let you guys publish the ugly Google Translation editing. What's to do next?

Pginer-WMF (talkcontribs)
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I'm editing a translation from English to Indonesian and there are a number of things were oddly translated. Just like "She made Bali home" which means "She decided to stay in Bali." However, the automatic Indonesian translation was "She made Bali (as a person) a house."

Wladek92 (talkcontribs)

Depends on how the translation has been made. The 'automatic' way is just a help, a trend of what is expressed in the sentences. It tries to be as occurate as possible and sometimes it corresponds perfectly to the reality; other times it can deviate. Only rereading by humans - and mostly by native people - is really the trustable way to get a valid text. So don't hesitate to update if you feel the automatic translation inappropriate.

Christian FR (talk) 09:26, 15 November 2019 (UTC)

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Luanrbfernandes (talkcontribs)

My text is completely normal, but it say that everithyng is in upper case

Pginer-WMF (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the feedback, @Luanrbfernandes.

Content translation does not have a specific check for that. When publishing translations the content goes through the same checks as content created with other tools. In particular, what you describe seems an edit filter preventing publishing. These filters are defined by the community and may also have some bugs that you can report.

For further investigation, it would be helpful to know which language you were translating into. In this way you can find the specific filter that applies in this case. For example, this is the filter list for English Wikipedia.


Margarida Camacho (talkcontribs)

Happening to me as well, translating from English to Portuguese. Goes away if i cut and paste the paragraph, but comes back after a while. Happens in every paragraph, too :(

Luanrbfernandes (talkcontribs)

I was editing from english to Portuguese

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มีปัญหาด้านการแปล แจ้งเตือนสีแดงครับ

MaxDutor (talkcontribs)

แจ้งเตือนว่า "ตัวกรองการละเมิดได้ระบุเนื้อหาที่เป็นปัญหาในการแปลของคุณ เรียนรู้เพิ่มเติม Special:MyLanguage/Content translation/Abuse filter"

Hans Haase (talkcontribs)

Check for blacklisted external links and references.

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Cite web Access-date error (due to local template param)

Omotecho (talkcontribs)

In jawp, the template is defined that you always include access-date, but that's not compatible with enwp: I am working on w:en:Google Code-in for example, and two errors encountered as enwp translation original lacks matching data for access-date parameters in cite web templates.

It is frustrating while CX2 offers me to edit cite web reference, the button "edit" does not work; only I could copy Template:Cite web. Not the parameters nor the url to check.

Why do you not define cite web template with the access-date set as required in enwp as well? If we don't have access-date params, then how do we prepare for cases of deadurls/replaced urls? My guess is that it's not too hard to automatically add the access-date param to at least the date the editor added that template to the page.

Is there better way to hit the date the cite web template was added, rather than manually trace the edit history? Or do you think we keep the cite web param as is, and blame jawp being too strict?

  • I have to save CX2 output once, then go to enwp translation original, find the target ref tag;[1]
  • I need to browse through Edit History until I hit the date the cite web template was added.
  • The ambiguity is that I am not sure if the editor adding cite web template accessed the website on the date they edited the translation original.
  1. <nowiki>cite web|url =|title = Google Code-in tasks and rewards for teens|date = |accessdate = |website =|publisher = Red Hat|last = |first =</nowiki>

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"Suggestions for translation" faults

Misibacsi (talkcontribs)
Reply to ""Suggestions for translation" faults"

I'm translating Fizeau experiment in italian but in this case the article cannot be published because it contains too much unmodified text .

4 (talkcontribs)

I'm Italian (Ming_mm) and i translated 4 articles in italian and i had no problem.

Now i'm translating Fizeau experiment, but i can't publish because google translated very well the article because contains a lot of tecnical description .

I think i do a good job and read the article and it seem well done.

how can I do to publish it?

Szalai.laci (talkcontribs)

Ciao. I think you can publish it as a user sub-page anyway, even if unmodified after Google translate. Then, as a hack, you could click "edit" and go to source editing. Copy the whole content and paste it into a newly created Italian page "Fizeau experiment". Don't tell this secret to others and don't abuse. Thank you for your work. ~~~~

Emanuele676 (talkcontribs)

No, at least for me, it doesn't even publish in the user subpage. (talkcontribs)

Well, I can only come up with hacks: You can change the text by adding some words to every paragraph, like Superchicken and Superduck. The text is changed, you're allowed to upload. After publishing, make another edit and delete these words from everywhere. (Szalai.laci)

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Hoshi27 (talkcontribs)

Olá estou traduzindo uma página do Hugtto Precure e gostaria de saber qual é a melhor tradução que devo colocar no Crias?

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KUMAR HITANSHU (talkcontribs)

Using Wikipedia suggested Hindi fonts to translate from English, still it appears and states to follow Devnagari script. In order, I've change input tool to Hindi. Again it appears. Any solution is expected.

Mathglot (talkcontribs)
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