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Please provide feedback about the Content translation tool on this page.

We suggest checking the Frequently Asked Questions page first.

When reporting a bug, it will help us a lot if you will indicate the following things:

  • Which article were you translating and to which language
  • Which browser did you use (Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.)
  • If you're getting any errors, please provide log from browser console if possible. To open browser console: press Ctrl+Shift+J (or Cmd+Shift+J on a Mac).
  • Which version of Content Translation are you using. If you see "Try the new version" on the dashboard, it's version 1. If you see "Using the new version" on the dashboard, it's version 2.

In case you are familiar with Phabricator, please consider reporting a bug there.

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Helmoony (talkcontribs)

Hi folks! I'm just wondering if you are planning to develop a tool for transliteration from Latin language (.. and English language) to non-Latin scirpts (Arabic language in my case). To create species articles by bot, the only thing missing for us is a transliteration of scientific names. That will help a lot of non-Latin scipt languages to reach 1 million articles faster. Google Translate is not usefull and Microsoft tool is not helpfull either. Thank you in advance.

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Pechristener (talkcontribs)

I translated the Infobox of the :en:RailGiants Train Museum, but the translation got lost in the tool. I'm back to that state, where the empty Infobox was added in the German article, when I pressed on the English box. All the content i put there, is gone. (Yes, there was an indication on top of the page, that the article has been saved. Yes, I pressed save after editing the Infobox. The Infobox editing window was closed and the Infobox showed the correct translated content. There were vertical scroll bars on the infobox, so I could scroll up and down to see all the content) --~~~~

Hans Haase (talkcontribs)

Autosaving of translation failed. I suggest not to translate an incomplete article. Complete the English article, first. Ntl the translation seems lost due failure. The temple exists but need to the assigned manually.

Pechristener (talkcontribs)

Sorry, I understood only the first sentence, that the autosaving failed.

What is translating an incomplete article? Do you want to say, that the article in English is poor? (Yes, it is, but this should not hinder to be a base for a translation)

Yes, the template exists and I completed it manually before, (nothing wrong with it) but now the content is lossed.

Hans Haase (talkcontribs)

Yes, indeed. Translating an incomplete or poor article opens a second construction site. If the missing information is not reachable, just continue to provide any information. It is a question for a developer it any previous versions are accessible. But anyway, try to publish as a personal draft to see if it is really lost. This also would prevent the error of an already existing destination page. If a loading error occurs, wait until an answer from developer.

Pechristener (talkcontribs)

Tried to publish it as a personal draft. This is not possible since I receive the message 'to much unaltered machine translated text'. I don't care that I lost the infobox translation - I can redo it, but I thought that I have to mention this bug since the first translation tool has also the flaw of loosing data, what can be very frustrating for the users.

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SenseiAC (talkcontribs)

Hello, Is it normal that we cannot choose directly to which article we want to link some text? When overlining some text, only one suggestion appears, so we have to accept it and then modify it to get the wanted link, rather than directly chosing the correct link as before. Also, if no article is found when overlining some text, not any article can be linked to the text. I feel that it was much better before on this point. I however like the Google translation, that seems to be quite better than the one that was before.

Pginer-WMF (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the feedback, @SenseiAC.

The editing toolbar provides a link tool that allows you to select the target page you want.

When selecting text in the translation a suggestion is surfaced for easy access if a Wikipedia article exists for it, but the link tool mentioned above is always available. If that is not the case, let us know and we'll investigate this in more detail.


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The Living love (talkcontribs)

I can't translate with mobile phone why?

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Do not have permission to create new page(

Vladim zh (talkcontribs)

Hi everyone ! I'm quite new on Wikipedia, and I started to translate an Article for the first time today. But after my translation i have not a possibility to create new page (You do not have permission to create new pages). What's wrong? Help me, please.

Leaderboard (talkcontribs)

Hi. You have reached, which is not Wikipedia. Please ask at their village pump.

Amire80 (talkcontribs)

Vadim, into which language are you translating?

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Hit AbuseFilter: Запрет на редактирование Template CSS

ParticipantOfTheEncyclopedia (talkcontribs)

Hello. "Запрет на редактирование" means "Edit ban Template CSS".

I tried to translate an article. Suddenly the References section was moved. Later i decided to publish an article, but i could not due to that error.

How to fix that?

Translation: Article Bloons Tower Defense from English to Russian.

Browser: Chrome

Version: 2, but in the 1st it still couldn't work.

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Leilamarine (talkcontribs)

Hi everyone !

I'm quite new on Wikipedia, and I started to translate an Article for the first time today. Unfortunately, I accidentally removed the References section, which is a bit problematic ... I don't know how to get them back, and I can't copy them (I don't understand why either). Is someone able to help me with that ?

P.S. : I'm french, and I'm not sure about what I just wrote, so if you didn't understand my message, or if I made mistakes, let me know ;)

Hans Haase (talkcontribs)

Check any other article to fix it.

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Pechristener (talkcontribs)

Tabels cannot be scrolled sideways. However, it is a big advantage that the new version allows the translation of the Infoboxes.

Hans Haase (talkcontribs)

Known, C&P after published.

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Hedda Gabler (talkcontribs)

Hello there,

When translated from English to Turkish, references are mostly added as blank/empty. For example

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V2 creates errors that v1 did not

AlvarezGomez (talkcontribs)
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