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Ankitashukla (talkcontribs)

The hackathon was attended by 20 people, who were shortlisted from 60+ registered students, thus ensuring amazing quality of participants. The students were given certain pre-requisites as given here and were selected based upon the fulfillment of these - therefore making certain that all the attendees were at the same phase.

At the end of the day, we had 15 successful patch submissions (pushed) to the core. Additionally, 5 more changes have been committed locally and are to be pushed (as of now). So everyone either submitted a patch or committed locally!

Before wrapping the session, we discussed and informed the attendees of opportunities like GSoC and Outreachy, and gave them various tips that might be helpful to them.

Post the event, we've created a Google group to stay connected, help each other and ensure that the participation of the students does not stop after the event. This will also ensure that the students keep participating and take the contributions ahead.

Photos from the hackathon are available here.

Thanks a ton @01tonythomas for coming to IITR and helping making this a success, at such a short notice! :)

@Qgil-WMF @Andreklapper @Rfarrand (WMF) thank you for guiding us whenever needed. @Saurabhsuniljain Thank you for coordinating the entire event management with me. :)

I am also thankful to Prof. Balasubramanian and Prof. Dhaval Patel for providing us the permissions and resources for the hackathon. Last but not the least, thanks a lot Naman Rajput for creating the awesome hackathon poster, Abhijeet Gaur for handling all the bureacracy and getting the permissions from the authorities! :D

In nutshell, the first-ever Wikimedia hackathon at IITR was a brilliant success, and we are looking forward to organizing more such sessions regularly now on. :)

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Qgil-WMF (talkcontribs)

This is great news! Congratulations to everybody involved, and especially to @Ankitashukla for having the initial idea. What about a post about this event at the Wikimedia Blog?

Ankitashukla (talkcontribs)

That'd be great! I'll write one today.

01tonythomas (talkcontribs)

Loved the event, the people. Thank you @Ankitashukla for making this happen. I hope the patch-sets gets merged ;) , and the people sticks together!

Qgil-WMF (talkcontribs)
Rfarrand (WMF) (talkcontribs)

This is so cool to hear! I am so happy that it went well. :D

If you end up writing up a lessoned learned or compiling notes of anything that you wish you had known in advance or things that could have gone better I would be really really interested to read it.

Again, congratulations!! So exciting!

Ankitashukla (talkcontribs)
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