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Topic on Talk:Content translation

Eloy (talkcontribs)

I translated w:es:Don Juan (tango) from Spanish to English. I do my best, but the result was awful, I just had to comment most of the text to hide it.

First of all, it did not allow me to review the code before submiting it.

Second, it did not recognize the template {{Obra citada}} as the corresponding translation of {{Citation}}.

Third, it fill all the text with span tags.

4th, it mantain the link to Spanish version, instead of English one.

5th, it did not recognize most templates, like {{Cita}} (quote), it could:

  • Let in that way
  • Translate to corresponding in english (if exists)
  • Let the user to do a translation
  • Mantain the original code as a HTML comment (so it would be hided).
Amire80 (talkcontribs)
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