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Can not get VisualEditor extension for MediaWiki REL1_23 working on freshly installed system

10 (talkcontribs)

I verified that parsoid works. I can even reach it through https on my local instance, and also from the command line it is able to parse wiki markup.

When I go to the page, I see the new Edit button, but when I click on it (edit) nothing happens. If I go to a fresh page and click on Create it redirects to "There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, search the related logs, or edit this page." Not actually opening up the edit. If I git the latest version of VisualEditor, it throw a Fatal exception of type MWException

Any ideas suggestions to debug?


HermannSchwärzler (talkcontribs)


unfortunately I am not of much help as I am having the very same problem. What I saw when I checked with FireBug:

  • In the old (1.22) installation clicking "Edit" results in a POST-request with action=visualeditor&paction=parse&page=Main_Page&format=json as its content.
  • In the new installation no request is visible in FireBug when clicking on "Edit".

One more finding: It seems to work in 1.23alpha. I used wikiapiary to search for sites using VisualEditor and found e.g. this one: where it works...

Deletedaccount4567435 (talkcontribs)

Same problem here. VisualEditor 1.22 version said MW1.23 is not supported. 1.23 with 1.23 not work at all. And the newest VisualEditor does not support MW1.23.

HermannSchwärzler (talkcontribs) (talkcontribs)

Thanks for more or less confirming that I am not the only one.

Jdforrester (WMF) (talkcontribs)

This should now be fixed (I re-pointed the REL1_23 branch to also take in the fixes from 1.23wmf22 which was cut from the same point). Sorry about the confusion. (talkcontribs)

I still have a bit of an issue with this, I'm pretty sure I have parsoid installed and working and have the settings changed as appropriate to the instructions. But the edit and create links just aren't clickable? I can only click them when I've hit the non-VE link and then they just redirect me back to the page I was on.

HermannSchwärzler (talkcontribs)

Did you install VisualEditor via git or are you using the manual tarball snapshot? At the time of writing this, the files in the tarball snapshot are dated from June 19th i.e. the tarball still contains the bug.

Daniel K. Schneider (talkcontribs)

I can confirm that I had the same symptoms as described in the initial posting and the following ones (Parsoid seems to work, but Edit and Confirm links not clickable). I used git to install the extension and may have made a mistake there since I don't really understand git, i.e. I went like this:

git clone
cd VisualEditor
git checkout REL1_23
git submodule update --init

Since my technical skills are too low to dig into the code, I then just upgraded the wiki to 1.24alpha and it worked. Except for changing the version (both MW and VisualEditor extension, I used the same configurations.

Installation notes for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS:

Read-only production wiki where it works:

- cheers. (talkcontribs)

Using the information above, I Pulled the Visual Editor off the git, and it looks like Visual Editor loads, however editing a new page the I am having Parsoid Issues now.

Error loading data from server: parsoidserver-http-bad-status: 500. Would you like to retry?

    - worker(23189) loading...
    - worker(23192) loading...
    - worker(23188) loading...
    - worker(23193) loading...
    - worker(23190) loading...
    - worker(23189) ready on :8142
    - worker(23192) ready on :8142
    - worker(23188) ready on :8142
    - worker(23190) ready on :8142
    - worker(23193) ready on :8142
   [warning/api][null/Main_Page] Failed API request, 8 retries remaining.
   [warning/api][null/Main_Page] Failed API request, 7 retries remaining.
   [warning/api][null/Main_Page] Failed API request, 6 retries remaining.
   [warning/api][null/Main_Page] Failed API request, 5 retries remaining.
   [warning/api][null/Main_Page] Failed API request, 4 retries remaining.
   [warning/api][null/Main_Page] Failed API request, 3 retries remaining.
   [warning/api][null/Main_Page] Failed API request, 2 retries remaining.
   [warning/api][null/Main_Page] Failed API request, 1 retries remaining.
   [warning/api][null/Main_Page] Failed API request, 0 retries remaining.

From I pulled the tarball wikimedia-mediawiki-extensions-Parsoid-8da3673.tar.gz and set the following settings.

in /usr/lib/parsoid/src/api/localsettings.js

   parsoidConfig.setInterwiki( 'localhost', 'http://localhost:8142/mediawiki/api.php');
   parsoidConfig.setInterwiki( 'localhost', 'http://localhost/mediawiki/api.php');

in /etc/mediawiki/parsoid/settings.js

   parsoidConfig.setInterwiki( 'localhost', 'http://localhost:8142/mediawiki/api.php');
   parsoidConfig.setInterwiki( 'localhost', 'http://localhost/mediawiki/api.php');

Again from the command line the Parsoid appears to be working

Invalid language.

You need to specify a language like this: <source lang="html4strict">...</source>

Supported languages for syntax highlighting:

c, cpp, bash, html4strict, text, java, latex, javascript, python, xml, csharp, php, css, asm, sql, pascal, matlab, html5, haskell, vb, lisp, ruby, ada, oracle11, dos, rsplus, fortran, d, bnf, ocaml, pcre, perl, vhdl, actionscript, lua, bibtex, go, bf, cobol, ini, delphi, arm, scheme, objc, prolog, actionscript3, mysql, qbasic, asp, algol68, groovy, erlang, abap, email, powershell, ecmascript, glsl, sas, apache, yaml, java5, vbnet, reg, cfm, fsharp, scala, applescript, gwbasic, clojure, pli, robots, tsql, whois, freebasic, verilog, llvm, visualfoxpro, sparql, tcl, plsql, coffeescript, scilab, dot, autoit, boo, mirc, lolcode, gnuplot, eiffel, j, teraterm, oorexx, diff, smalltalk, cmake, avisynth, perl6, xpp, typoscript, basic4gl, make, awk, e, gml, jquery, zxbasic, systemverilog, 6502acme, properties, oracle8, q, purebasic, pic16, ldif, rexx, unicon, urbi, modula3, mpasm, locobasic, progress, visualprolog, vala, octave, winbatch, oz, autohotkey, cadlisp, euphoria, pycon, oobas, povray, thinbasic, 68000devpac, mmix, modula2, cil, mxml, io, blitzbasic, parigp, oberon2

    root@debian-web:/usr/lib/parsoid/src/tests# echo "foo bar\nThis is a [[link]]" | node parse --trace peg
    0-[peg]        | ---->   ["foo bar\\nThis is a ",{"type":"SelfclosingTagTk","name":"wikilink","attribs":[{"k":"href","v":["link"],"vsrc":"link"}],"dataAttribs":{"tsr":[19,27],"src":"[[link]]"}}]
    0-[peg]        | ---->   [{"type":"NlTk","dataAttribs":{"tsr":[27,28]}}]
    0-[peg]        | ---->   [{"type":"EOFTk"}]
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html prefix="dc: mw:"><head prefix="mwr:"><meta property="mw:parsoidVersion" content="0"/><link rel="dc:isVersionOf" href="//"/><title></title><base href="//"/></head><body data-parsoid='{"dsr":[0,28,0,0]}'><p data-parsoid='{"dsr":[0,27,0,0]}'>foo bar\nThis is a <a rel="mw:WikiLink" href="./Link" data-parsoid='{"stx":"simple","a":{"href":"./Link"},"sa":{"href":"link"},"dsr":[19,27,2,2]}'>link</a></p>

Looking at the

When using curl https://localhost/w/api.php Give me a 301 Moved Permanently, but the page it to apparently doesn't exist in its moved location. This might be because I am running my wiki one level deeper and not off the main/root url. <syntaxhighlight>

   root@debian-web:/usr/lib/parsoid/src/tests# curl -k https://localhost/w/api.php
   <title>301 Moved Permanently</title>

Moved Permanently

The document has moved <a href="https://localhost/./api.php">here</a>.

   <address>Apache/2.2.22 (Debian) Server at localhost Port 443</address>
   root@debian-web:/usr/lib/parsoid/src/tests# curl -k https://localhost/./api.php
   <title>404 Not Found</title>

Not Found

The requested URL /api.php was not found on this server.

   <address>Apache/2.2.22 (Debian) Server at localhost Port 443</address>


Instead I am using 'http://localhost/mediawiki/api.php' which is the only api.php on the system

Os Side Note: Are there any instructions on how to add the ssl certificate for the Parsoid (right now I am running an unencrypted pages, but I like all my stuff to be using SSL) The Instructions are extremely vague If your MediaWiki runs via SSL, make sure that your Parsoid server can access your MediaWiki without certificate errors. In other words; make sure that the certificate is valid and added to the certificate storage on your Parsoid-running system.

Again Thanks for helping me troubleshoot this.

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