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Sidebar Banner Question[edit]

Hello, I've tried implemented your very helpful sidebar banner extension from here and I just wondered if there was a way to A) Keep the collapsed menu persistently open and B) If the location of the banner section could be moved farther up the sidebar. Thanks again! --Resplendent 06:45, 22 December 2011 (UTC)[]

Mhh don't know about collapsed items since I don't use this features. Moving however is rather easy: Edit MediaWiki:Sidebar and then use something like this:

* Via Google
* YOURSITE links


* navigation and help
** mainpage|Mainpage
** recentchanges-url|recentchanges
** EduTech_Wiki:About|about
** randompage-url|randompage
** helppage|Help
** Help:Editing rules|Editing rules
** Blog:DKS|Blog:DKS

* categorytree-portlet

* coll-print_export



* big brother
** Special:Newpages|New Pages
** Special:Guestbook|Guestbook
** Special:Popularpages|Popular Pages
** Special:WhosOnline|Who is online ?
** Special:Version|Version

YOURSITE links is defined like this in the code (towards the end):

	$bar['YOURSITE Links'] = $out;