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Please note that the Wikimedia Foundation does not provide support for installing VisualEditor on third-party wikis. However, if you have a question we may try to help.

GoodMagician (talkcontribs)
Jdforrester (WMF) (talkcontribs)

It won't be available until at least MediaWiki 1.35.0, probably later.

Tinss (talkcontribs)
Jdforrester (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Please do not encourage people to run alpha quality code in production. (Also, none of the Parsoid-as-a-library code has been written, let alone landed, yet; when it does, it'll appear in the list at Special:Version#mw-version-libraries).

Tinss (talkcontribs)

Sorry about that, I've edited my previous comment.

We've been struggling quite a bit with Parsoid JS so I was a bit too excited about the future migration to PHP.

Jdforrester (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Believe me, I understand. :-)

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VisualEditor/Parsoid compatibility

S0ring (talkcontribs)

Parsoid/JS v0.11.0 has been released but no documentation explain the compatibility with VisualEditor.

For ex. in MW1.31.6(LTS) VisualEditor 0.1.0 is not compatible with Parsoid 0.11.0:

HTTPError 406 Not acceptable profile=\"https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Specs/HTML/2.1.0\"

It would be helpful to update the compatibility matrix: Extension:VisualEditor#Set up a Parsoid service

Jdforrester (WMF) (talkcontribs)
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Release notes VisualEditor extension

Waanders (talkcontribs)

Hello all,

Where can I find the release notes of the VisualEditor extension? We are migrating from MediaWiki 1.27 to MediaWiki 1.31 and want to inventory the differences (in code) between the versions. We made an extension to the extension. Some things have changed we've noticed.

Regards, Jethro

Tinss (talkcontribs)

AFAIK, there are no release notes. Maybe you can do a git diff between VisualEditor REL1_27 and REL1_31 branches?

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I've been trying to install VisualEditor on a Windows machine and Ubuntu. Both tries returns me 500 error when trying to edit pages, or Unkown Error when trying to create a new page. Parsoid is up and running but I can't confirm it's linked with VisualEditor.

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestion?

Thanks. (talkcontribs)

For a 500 error on the visual editor end you should be getting an error in your web server logs, if you haven't set a special vhost configuration for apache then the log should be in /var/log somewhere.

Keegan1120 (talkcontribs)

I got the same error when i start editing a page. BUT: I create a new site = the Editor works perfectly..

My persoid.log (the error section):

[info][wiki$0/Hauptseite?oldid=8] started parsing

[fatal/request][wiki$0/Hauptseite?oldid=8] Cannot assign to read only property 'lastIndex' of object '[object RegExp]'

TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'lastIndex' of object '[object RegExp]'

at RegExp.exec (native)

at RegExp.test (native)

at /usr/lib/parsoid/src/lib/wt2html/HTML5TreeBuilder.js:128:45

at Array.map (native)

at TreeBuilder._att (/usr/lib/parsoid/src/lib/wt2html/HTML5TreeBuilder.js:123:22)

at TreeBuilder.processToken (/usr/lib/parsoid/src/lib/wt2html/HTML5TreeBuilder.js:212:66)

at TreeBuilder.resetState (/usr/lib/parsoid/src/lib/wt2html/HTML5TreeBuilder.js:101:7)

at new TreeBuilder (/usr/lib/parsoid/src/lib/wt2html/HTML5TreeBuilder.js:34:7)

at ParserPipelineFactory.makePipeline (/usr/lib/parsoid/src/lib/wt2html/parser.js:233:17)

at ParserPipelineFactory.makePipeline (/usr/lib/parsoid/src/lib/wt2html/parser.js:229:17)

Content of my persoid settings.js-File:

'use strict';

exports.setup = function(parsoidConfig) {

parsoidConfig.setMwApi({ uri: 'http://sub.domain.tld/api.php', domain: 'sub.domain.tld' });

parsoidConfig.debug = true;

parsoidConfig.useSelser = true;


Content of my LocalSettings.php:

$wgVirtualRestConfig['modules']['parsoid'] = array(

'url' => 'http://sub.domain.tld:8142',

'domain' => 'sub.domain.tld'


By the way: sub = my Subdomain (help), domain = my Domainname, tld = de

Bozomal (talkcontribs)

I don't know if you still have this problem, but I was having the same problem (13 july  2017) and manage to solve it by installing php5-curl (or "php7.0-curl" if you have newer versions of ubuntu)

I don't know if I missed a step through the installation guide or got an error that I dind`t notice or maybe It's missing on the mediwiki article.

anyway, when I installed the php5-curl the Visual Editor started working, the http 500 error was gone

Extension:VisualEditor#Troubleshooting (talkcontribs)

Thank you Bozomal! Installing php7.0-curl fixed the 500 error for me too. (talkcontribs)

hey bro, it fixed my trouble too with curl install (talkcontribs)


I installed VisualEditor 1.30 and Mediawiki 1.30 on Virtual machine Debian 9.It returns me 500 error when trying to edit pages.

Here are my configuration files.

- LocalSettings :

wfLoadExtension( 'VisualEditor' );

// Enable by default for everybody

$wgDefaultUserOptions['visualeditor-enable'] = 1;

// Optional: Set VisualEditor as the default for anonymous users

// otherwise they will have to switch to VE

// $wgDefaultUserOptions['visualeditor-editor'] = "visualeditor";

// Don't allow users to disable it

$wgHiddenPrefs[] = 'visualeditor-enable';

$wgVirtualRestConfig['modules']['parsoid'] = array(

   // URL to the Parsoid instance

   // Use port 8142 if you use the Debian package

   'url' => 'http://swebprod688.local:8000',

   // Parsoid "domain", see below (optional)

   'domain' => 'swebprod688.local',

   // Parsoid "prefix", see below (optional)

   'prefix' => 'localhost'


- Config.yaml

uri: 'http://swebprod688.local/mediawiki/api.php'

         # The "domain" is used for communication with Visual Editor

         # and RESTBase.  It defaults to the hostname portion of

         # the `uri` property above, but you can manually set it

         # to an arbitrary string. It must match the "domain" set

         # in $wgVirtualRestConfig.

         domain: 'swebprod688.local'  # optional

Please, help. Thanks.

2003:C6:4F25:E6E0:285D:1D34:EF27:E455 (talkcontribs)


are you using the heroku app?

1) Make sure that no htpasswd is set up in your /w folder. I realized that the heroku app is not working with a password protected ftp folder.

2) Be careful where you set your root directory in your website hosting app

Hollosch (talkcontribs)

Hi, same problem with heroku app.

I've no htpasswd on my /w folder.

I changed nothing - and it's not working now...

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Yedidyarashi (talkcontribs)

I need help pls help me with this.

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the edit section redirect to the index.php page

Yedidyarashi (talkcontribs)

you can see it in the link kookipedia.com/index.php?title=%D7%A2%D7%9E%D7%95%D7%93_%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%A9%D7%99&veaction=edit

Yedidyarashi (talkcontribs)

pls help!!!!!

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Pages with slashes (/) in title result in 404 error

Dstoeltz (talkcontribs)

It appears visual editor does not work with pages that have slashes in their titles. When trying to save edits to these pages, or create a new page with a slash in the title, it results in an "apierror-visualeditor-docserver-http: HTTP 404" error. Watching the parsoid logs, you can see that the request never even makes it to parsoid if this is the case.

I recently updated a wiki which already has a bunch of pages with slashes in the titles which have not posed an issue until now. Is there a workaround or a planned fix for this?

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References are not clickable when copied from MS Word

1 (talkcontribs)

I have just installed VE and it is working great. The only problem I am facing is that when I copy paste article from MS Word file VE does not properly format the references. Moreover, references are not clickable either. Any solution to that?

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Tansaku (talkcontribs)

We just upgraded to mediawiki 1.32. We have visual editor working fine with mediawiki 1.31, but with 1.32 the visual editor fails to even start loading and has this warning/error in the js console in the browser:

> VisualEditor failed to load: Error: One or more dependencies failed to load

Has anyone else experienced similar?

More details here: https://github.com/AgileVentures/SocialPrescribingWiki/issues/76

Ryanjjjj (talkcontribs)

Bump, pretty frustrating...

Bovender (talkcontribs)

Same problem here. MW 1.32 (Docker image), linking to a Parsoid service that is also running in a Docker container (and is up and running).

Bozomal (talkcontribs)
Dstoeltz (talkcontribs)

I fought with this issue for a while and ended up going through and disabling all of my extensions one-by-one. In my case it was the UserPageViewTracker extension that was causing this error somehow. As soon as I disabled it, this error was resolved. (talkcontribs)

Have similar issue. Mine seems to be linked to Chameleon skin

Bovender (talkcontribs)

I have now upgraded to MW 1.34, updated the VisualEditor extension, and it works! Using the Chameleon skin, btw.

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It appears that all of my templates are a "puzzle piece" in VisualEditor. Is there a way to show them before saving the page?

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