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Template documentation

This template should be added to all skin pages on this wiki (but only the main page) to display an information box and categorise the skin.


Copia y pasta:

{{Skin|templatemode =
|name                 = 
|localised name       = 
|status               = 
|hook1                = 
|hook2                = 
|newhook1             = 
|newhook2             = 
|username             = 
|author               = 
|description          = 
|image                = 
|imagesize            = 
|version              = 
|update               = 
|version preview      = 
|update preview       = 
|compatibility policy =
|mediawiki            = 
|php                  = 
|composer             =
|license              = 
|download             = 
|readme               = 
|changelog            = 
|example              = 
|parameters           = 
|compatibility        = 
|bugzilla             = 
|phabricator          =
|vagrant-role         =

Para ayuda con valores de parámetro, ve abajo.

MediaWiki skins manual - categoría
{{{localised name}}}
Estado de lanzamiento: se desconoce
Descripción {{{description}}}
Autor(es) SomeAuthor
Última versión {{{version}}} ({{{update}}})
Latest preview version {{{version preview}}} ({{{update preview}}})
Compatibility policy invalid
MediaWiki {{{mediawiki}}}
PHP {{{php}}}
Composer {{{composer}}}
Licencia {{{license}}}
Descarga {{{download}}}
Ejemplo {{{example}}}
Translate the Skin skin if it is available at translatewiki.net
Vagrant role {{{vagrant-role}}}
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Parámetros de contenido

Esta sección describe parámetros que gobierna infobox contenido. For help with templatemode and other control parameters, please see Control parameters.

Content parameters
Parameter Description
namename of the skin
localised name source text for localising name of the skin

Specify the same value as name.

It will be used later for localising the name.
statuscurrent release status

One of:

  • unstable - currently broken - do not use this skin in the latest MediaWiki version.
  • experimental - early stages of development, may change drastically
  • beta - stable but not fully tested
  • stable - stable - the skin works in the latest MediaWiki version without any fatal errors.
  • unmaintained - unmaintained - only use if the linked repository is archived or the maintainer has not responded to an enquiry about the maintained status. If using this status, please link to a patch or issue/bug report as a reference using an HTML comment. If the skin is broken use unstable instead.
  • unknown - default

If the status is anything other than the above, it will be ignored and the default value of 'Unknown' will be displayed in the template instead.

Nombre de cada gancho utilizado por la extensión

Introduciendo los valores en este campo es una manera buena de conseguir exposición para vuestra extensión y ayudar otros desarrolladores. Cada cual el gancho documentado automáticamente añadirá la extensión a una categoría que lista extensiones que uso que gancho. Esta categoría es autolinked a cada página de gancho de modo que los programadores fácilmente pueden encontrar ejemplos de extensiones que uso un gancho particular.

Para construido-en ganchos:

  • Uso el nombre de gancho sólo. Complacer ver $manual para valores (pero omitir introductorio '/').
  • use the hook name alone.
Please see Manual:Hooks for values (but omit introductory '/').

Para los ganchos hechos de encargo definieron por extensiones:

  • Uso $forma. Para una lista parcial de ganchos hechos de encargo, ve $exthooks.
  • use extensionName/hookName.
For a partial list of custom hooks, see Extension hook registry.

Para ganchos múltiples, asignar el primer gancho a gancho1, el segundo a gancho2 y tan encima.


Nombre de cada gancho proporcionado por la extensión

También podrías querer añadir los ganchos a Extension hook registry.

username The author's username on MediaWiki.org (if they have one). May be omitted, but if present it will be used to link to the author's user & user_talk page. It should be provided without namespace and without [[]]s.
author The skin author's name, if different from their MediaWiki.org username. Free text. If omitted then the 'username' field will be used (if present).
description short description
image screenshot or logo of skin. It should be provided without namespace and without [[]]s.
imagesize facultative, size of the image (default size is 220px)
version last version
updatedate of the last update
compatibility policy compatibility policy (accepted values are master, rel and ltsrel). (backlog )
mediawikirequired version of MediaWiki
phprequired version of PHP
licenselicense(s) governing use of this skin, e.g. GPL
downloadlink to the download: Use {{Plantilla:WikimediaDownloadSkin }} or {{Plantilla:GithubDownload }}.
readmeexternal link to the readme file
changelogexternal link to the changelog file
parametersavailable parameters for LocalSettings.php
exampleexample, website or screenshot of working skin
compatibilitycompatibility chart
bugzillaBugzilla MediaWiki skin component name

Parámetros de control

Control parameters
Parameter Description
templatemodeControls auto-categorisation of host page.

Normally left blank. Alternate values are:

  • nocats - suppresses categorisation. Use this value if you are adding this template to subpages of a skin or to how-to documentation of skins. For example, the usage image above sets templatemode=nocats because this isn't an actual skin page and we don't want to add this page to any categories on account of it.

If this is left blank, this template will add the host page to Categoría:Todas las apariencias and to one or more additional categories, depending on the values assigned to the Content parameters.

subpage; it is not in the Skin: namespace; or if suppressed by 'templatemode=nocats'

Categories added

This template will automatically add the pages it is used on to the Category:All skins category.

In addition, it will categorise the page based on the value of the status parameter:

Utilizando el infobox

Existing skin pages

Si quieres añadir el infobox a una página de existir, copia y pasta el código en el parte superior de esta página.

Create a new skin page

If you want to create a new skin page, enter the name below and click the button. Una página nueva será creada con el infobox plantilla ya en sitio.

Please replace "TheSkin" with your skin's name:

MediaWiki is an open-source project and users are encouraged to make any MediaWiki skins under an Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved GPLv2 compatible license (including MIT, BSD, PD). For skins that have a compatible license, you can request commit access to the MediaWiki source repository for skins.

A developer sharing their code in the code repository should expect:

Feedback / Criticism / Code reviews
Review and comments by other developers on things like framework use, security, efficiency and usability.
Developer tweaking
Other developers modifying your submission to improve or clean-up your code to meet new framework classes and methods, coding conventions and translations.
Future versions by other developers
New branches of your code being created by other developers as new versions of MediaWiki are released.
Credit for your work being preserved in future versions
Similarly, you should credit the developers of any skins whose code you borrow from.

Any developer who is uncomfortable with any of these actions occurring should not host their code in the code repository. You are still encouraged to create a summary page for your skin on the wiki to let people know about the skin, and where to download it.

Enhancing this template

If you would like to improve on this template, thanks!

This is a complicated template so here is some help along the way:

In addition, Template:Skin/Sample stores the boiler plate that is preloaded into newly created pages and contains some basic documentation on how to fill in the template parameters.

It needs to be kept in sync with the documentation.

The Create skin button

To improve the create skin button behavior:

Infobox parameters

In general:

  • To make this template easy to use, each label in the infobox is linked to documentation on the template parameter(s) it displays. If you add a parameter, please be sure to also add it to the content parameter documentation and link its label to that documentation.

Test cases

See if the following pages are still ok, after editing this template.