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Transclude the template inside an Extension article to create GitHub Git links. It is specifically designed to provide links for the download argument used in Template:Extension and categorizes into Category:Extensions in GitHub version control .

This template takes two unnamed parameters to form the links, these are:

  • 1 (also as: user): To form the username holding the repository
  • 2: to calculate the name of the repository holding the project, This defaults to the pagename that the extension is on
  • Note: Spaces must be padded with '_' underscores.
(Activate by using |<option>=1)
  • snapshot: Displays a link to your downloads page if you have added any.
  • mastertarball: Displays a download link to a tarball of your master branch.

Usage example

{{GithubDownload|<Repository Username>|<Repository Name>}} A example with Linus Torvalds's linux repository: ({{GithubDownload|torvalds|linux}})


{{GithubDownload|<Repository Username>|<Repository Name>|snapshot=1}} A example with Linus Torvalds's linux repository: ({{GithubDownload|torvalds|linux|snapshot=1}})

By default a note is added that the extension is not translatable in translatewiki.net. It can be removed by adding the parameter translatewiki=1:

{{GithubDownload|<Repository Username>|<Repository Name>|translatewiki=1}}

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