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Tech talks are short presentations with community question and answer sessions. They are usually under an hour in length and focus on a specific technical topic.

For information on setting up a Tech talk, see Project:Calendar/How to schedule an event#Tech talks

We usually present tech talks using Google Hangouts On Air, which makes them available on YouTube. There is a concurrent IRC office hour for questions on IRC, so the talks also appear there.

Future tech talks[edit]

Tuesday 2017-10-31 16:00 UTC until 17:00 UTC Rachel Farrand Tech Talk: Selenium tests in Node.js (mw:Selenium/Node.js/Write

Nominations/Ideas for future tech talks[edit]

  • Timo Tijhof (Krinkle) on grunt tasks and taking advantage of our default `npm test` infrastructure
    • Rob proposes that Timo (or someone in frontend) speaks about mixins.
  • The work Analytics engineering are doing and how we could help
  • An understanding of Flow, where it's at and where it's going
  • <someone> on the new visual design for MediaWiki/mediawiki.ui or whatever that library is called these days.
  • QA (Zeljiko? Chris?) about browser testing
  • Daniel Kinzler on core refactoring of Title and other classes.
  • Pau Giner on dos and don'ts in user testing
  • Niklas Laxström on conversing with robots that know Wikipedia (part of his Phd research)
  • Antoine Musso on Jenkins - status: emailed Antoine/Antoine on paternity leave. hold.
  • Moriel Schottlender on right-to-left support (adapting her blog post into a talk)
  • Wikidata - Lydia/Community member - open to all
  • Tony Tomasz -
  • Webinar on Zotero translator coding
  • Aaron Halfaker on machine learning support for wiki-workflows.

Past tech talks[edit]

You can browse through past tech talk recordings in the Commons category and on the MediaWiki YouTube channel.

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