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Meet 2014-01-28[edit]

Jan-March ("WMF Q3")[edit]

WikiProject talk -> Q4 article talk

Initial workflows[edit]

  • unblock
  • deletion


  • movement
  • straw polls


Workflows as extensions to the Flow extension that we can enable/yanked/remove

When and how do we move beyond "Flow team enables pages in PHP"?

2014-05-11 Zurich Hackathon discussion notes[edit]

To be clear,

  • new front-end
  • sorting topics
  • search within board/filtering

are still high priorities to do this quarter

Subscribing to individual threads[edit]

  • most important next project
  • key to helping active users keep track of the conversations they're in
  • connected to notifications


  • connected to individual subscriptions
  • showing new responses in threads you're subscribed to
  • notifications link you to the unread messages in the thread

Chronological conversation[edit]

  • big change
  • quoting existing post instead of reply underneath
    • what was Werdna's idea?
    • spage idea: do it implicitly if user makes selection
  • work that needs to be done: community acceptance


  • great idea
  • showing the div is ugly
  • May: somehow limit people from editing the quoted material

Tagging threads[edit]

  • unclear how this would work
  • it's in the "Feed" vision, but no architectural support


  • probably a new kind of workflow
  • also the idea of +1 for a post, which isn't a new workflow but is a feature of existing posts

cross-wiki notifications[edit]

  • technically hard, have to query 800 wikis right now
  • unlike Flow, Echo isn't cross-database
  • depends on global user accounts.