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Deployment of Section-level Image Suggestions on seven wikis

On July 5, a new feature called Section-level Image Suggestions (SLIS) has been deployed on seven Wikipedias.

SLIS is an extension of the article-level Image Suggestions feature, and recommends images for articles on contributors' watchlists that are a good match for individual sections of those articles. This work builds on the work already done on the Image Suggestions feature, in combination with the work currently in development about Section Topics.

The feature is available for experienced users (i.e. more than 500 edits on a given wiki) and will be deployed on Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Catalan, Finnish, Hungarian and Norwegian Wikipedia, where article-level Image Suggestions are already available.

Structured Data Across Wikimedia comes to an end

The Structured Data Across Wikimedia project was completed last June 30. We would like therefore to thank all the community members that worked with us, by sharing their precious feedback, participating in our surveys or testing the features we developed.

We would also like to thank FDoria-WMF, Mehman (WMF) and BAPerdana-WMF for their invaluable work with their respective home communities (Portuguese, Russian and Indonesian), which were at the forefront of our efforts.

If you want to review our work of the past three years, you can check our archive of past newsletters.

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