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Cet habillage est fourni avec MediaWiki 1.38 et supérieur. Ainsi vous n'avez pas besoin de la télécharger à nouveau. Néanmoins, vous devez encore suivre les autres instructions fournies.
Manuel des habillages MediaWiki - catégorie
Vector 2022
État de la version : stable
Politique de compatibilité Versions ponctuelles alignées avec MediaWiki. Le master n'est pas compatible arrière.
Composer mediawiki/vector-skin
Licence Licence publique générale GNU v2.0 ou supérieur
Exemple https://en.wikipedia.org/
Téléchargements trimestriels 749 (Ranked 1st)
Utilisé par les wikis publics 14,010 (Ranked 2nd)
Habillage par défaut des wikis publics 5,943
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Rôle Vagrant vector
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Vector 2022 is the second evolution of the MediaWiki Vector skin and is in development as part of the Desktop improvements project. It has been bundled in MediaWiki since MediaWiki 1.38 . It is the default skin for various Wikimedia projects.

Vector 2022 differs from most skins in that it does not have its own code base; rather, its code is part of the Vector skin's, and the two are downloaded together.

Version MediaWiki 1.38 of this skin marked official 3rd party support.

Note that sites running MediaWiki 1.36 or 1.37 is using Vector 2022, will hit challenges when upgrading to the 1.38 release. See T299104 and Extension:WikimediaMaintenance for more details.


  • Téléchargez et placez le(s) fichier(s) dans un répertoire appelé Vector dans votre dossier skins/.
  • Ajoutez le code suivant à la fin de votre fichier LocalSettings.php  :
    wfLoadSkin( 'Vector' );
  • Configure as required.
  • Yes Fait - Naviguer vers Special:Version sur votre wiki pour vérifier l'installation correcte de l'habillage.

Optional dependencies

Vector 2022 can make use of the following extensions if they are installed, though none are required:

  • UniversalLanguageSelector - for the language switch button
  • PageImages - to include an image for each page (if available) in the search bar
  • ShortDescription - to include a description for each page in the search bar (Wikimedia projects have similar functionality, but not using this extension)


Making Vector 2022 the default skin

Since MediaWiki 1.38 and higher, add the following to LocalSettings.php to make Vector 2022 the default skin:

$wgDefaultSkin = 'vector-2022';


Note that Vector 2022 has several unstable feature flags, which may disappear at any time. Most of these feature flags relate to incomplete features. We do not recommend changing any feature flag from its default value unless listed here.

  • $wgVectorMaxWidthOptions - Can be used to configure whether the max-width applies. Relatively stable at this point.
  • $wgVectorLanguageInMainPageHeader - Controls whether the language button shows on the main page in the header.
  • $wgVectorWvuiSearchOptions - Associative array with keys showDescription and showThumbnail (both booleans).

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