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This is an incomplete listing of sites that are using MediaWiki and that are written or provided in English language. For wikis in more than one language (including English) see the multilingual list. You might also be interested in the List of Open MediaWiki Sites by Andrew Palo and in

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Wikimedia wikis[edit | edit source]

Due to the large number of Wikimedia foundation wikis (Wikipedia, Wikiquote, Wiktionary, Wikiversity, etc), they are not included on this list. For a list of projects, see Sites using MediaWiki/Wikimedia. For the complete list with all languages, see this page.

MediaWiki wikis in English[edit | edit source]

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#[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2015-02-13
2012 Wiki - 
Information center covering all aspects of the 2012 doomsday meme.
26Blue - 
Kitchen Remedies, Home Cures, Natural Cures, Granny Remedies, Folk Medicines, Elixirs, Tonics, Foods that Heal
43FoldersWiki - 
Productivity and time management practices, "life hacks and other smart heuristics", and more!
3D Game Comparison - 
Game vs. game. No hype; just facts.™ Compares various 3D computer/video games attributes/features: 3D engines, player characters, level/world design, weapons, NPCs (non-player characters), inventories, and more.
624 Squadron Wiki - 
Royal Air Force (Special Duties) Squadron engaged in covert activities during the Second World War (1943 - 1945).
866 Area Codes - 
Reverse lookup for 1-866 phone numbers, suspicious telephone numbers and nuisance callers.
877 Area Code - 
Toll Free 1-877 phone numbers reverse lookup, lookups of unknown telephone numbers including collection agencies and telemarketers.
888 Area Code - 
Reverse lookup 1-888 numbers, list of suspicious telephone numbers including collection agencies and telemarketers.

A[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2014-05-17
Wiki for the ISP Andrews & Arnold Ltd.
Access Information -
A wiki on how to manage Linux. - 
Documentation of the open source projects Achievo, Achievo ATK and Achievo WDE. - 
Advanced Civilization and post-scarcity enabled by open-source design and engineering
AQWorlds Wiki - 
The original wiki for Artix Entertainment's Flash Based MMO - AdventureQuest Worlds.
AIDS Wiki - AIDS Wiki 
AIDS dissident website
Align Toolkit- Outperform 
The Align Toolkit is a series of guides to the best practice methods in PRINCE2, P3M3 and Risk Management.
Alfresco - 
Document Management System
All The Tropes - 
Uncensored fork of the PmWiki based TV Tropes wiki.
Alt-StarFleet-RPG Bureau of Information - 
Star Trek-based shared fiction writing club wiki
Amateur Radio Wiki -
An on-line encyclopaedia of ham radio, established 2008 in Australia.
Amazon Sellers' University - Amazon Sellers' University
A complete repository of everything to do with selling on Amazon.
American History Research Wiki - WikiAmerica 
Directory of primary sources useful for students of American History.
Amusement Wiki - 
Wiki created entirely for fun. It should not be taken seriously! - 
Open anime encyclopedia
Antique Jewelry University - 
A jewelry history wiki.
Appropedia - 
Library of appropriate technology, with textbook style topics and how-to style projects.
AQ3D Wiki - 
The original wiki for Artix Entertainment's Flash Based MMO - AdventureQuest 3D: Legend of Lore.
A directory of archival institutions around the world.
Archlinux - 
Linux wiki
Area51 Archives - 
A hacking culture documentation project
Argumentrix -
A wiki of opnions, arguments and rebuttals
Armadeus - 
Open & embedded Linux systems development
Armeniapedia - 
Information about Armenia
A free mathematical modelling program for science and engineering.
AsianWiki - 
Database of Asian films, television shows, performers, and filmmakers.
AskDrWiki - 
A Medical Wiki for practicing physicians, residents, and medical students.
Assela Pathirana - 
Random Ravings
Associative thinking model and demonstration (Note: "?uselang=en" can be appended to the end of the URLs until they get their wiki configured for English.)
Atorapedia - 
A collaborative group constructed world-building project
Axaptapedia - 
Microsoft Axapta programming tips
Ayushlaya Open Health - Ayushlaya
Ayushlaya open health care projects.

B[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2014-05-17
Bahaikipedia - 
An encyclopedia for topics relating to the Bahá'í Faith
Ballotpedia - 
An encyclopedia for ballot measures and initiatives.
Baseball Reference Bullpen
Battlestar Wiki - 
Battlestar Galactica episode and character guides (original and new series).
BDC - 
Your source to business development needs in terms of incorporation, registration and a one stop solution to business owner needs.
Beachapedia - 
A resource of coastal knowledge, issues and articles from the Surfrider Foundation- including the State of the Beach report covering all 26 US coastal states, Puerto Rico, and British Columbia.
BelegarthWiki - 
An open source project created, written, & edited for the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society, a full-contact sport where participants engage in combat using foam padded representations of medieval weapons.
BetaWiki - 
A open wiki which contains information about beta operating systems and software.
Believe The Sign - 
Independent, objective information on William Branham's life and ministry, the beliefs of his followers, and the criticisms of his detractors.
Bhamwiki - 
Documenting the Birmingham District (Alabama, USA) - 
A one stop Bible resource site.
Big Wall Climbing Wiki- 
A site where climbers can upload big wall information.
Binary Options Wiki - 
Binary Options Wiki - Binary Options Trading Pedia
Bittylicious - 
Bitcoin buying help and support subsite
Biodiversity of India - Biodiversity of India 
Aimed at increasing awareness about the biodiversity of India and encouraging community participation in its conservation.
BIONICLEsector01 Wiki - 
A wiki dedicated to BIONICLE storyline and set information.
Bitcoin Wiki -
blackwiki! - 
Programming, UNIX, and the ramblings of Nick Black
Blender foundation - 
Graphics animation and video production program
Blok City - 
Information on all the Mega Bloks sets released
BluWiki - 
Free MediaWiki web host
The BLWiki - 
A harm reduction wiki aimed at safer drug use.
Boobpedia - 
Encyclopedia of women with big boobs. Includes busty celebrities, models, adult performers, and amateurs.
A help and information portal for users of Allows users to create interactive fiction that can be exported as an eBook or played online.
Border Regiment Wiki -
A wiki about the British Regiment between the years 1881-1959.
The Bookbag - 
Fiction, biography, crime, cookery and children's book reviews.
Botwiki - Botwiki 
Development and testing of bots and bot scripts, particularly those used to edit mediawiki sites.
Bravely Wiki - 
Wiki that gathers information about the Bravely series by Square Enix and Silicon Studio such as Bravely Default.
Brewwiki - 
How to make your own beer.
Brickibooks - 
A site for LEGO guides, manuals and tutorials.
Brickimedia Answers - 
A question & answer site for all things LEGO.
Brickimedia Customs - 
A site where anyone can add their custom LEGO sets, themes and minifigures.
Brickimedia Development - 
Brickimedia testing grounds
Brickimedia Meta - 
The central coordination site for the Brickimedia network.
Brickipedia - 
The largest online encyclopedia about all things LEGO.
Bromwiki - 
Information on the tropical pineapple plant family.
Bulbapedia - 
Community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia.
Bulbanews - 
Your community Pokémon newspaper.
Bulbagarden Archives - 
Bulbagarden's image repository.
BZFlag - 
project wiki of BZFlag - a free online multiplayer cross-platform open source 3D tank battle game
Big Bang Theory Wiki - 
A fans' alamanc for the TV Series "The Big Bang Theory".

C[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2014-05-17
Cabal Online -
Comprehensive game information
Camera-wiki - 
A non-commercial encyclopedia of cameras and photography, successor to
Campervan Finder - Campervan Finder 
A campervan hire comparison site from Australia
C&C Modding Encyclopedia - 
A project to provide one central source of modding knowledge for the Command & Conquer series of games
CGNotebook - 
A wiki for all things related to Computer Graphics.
CGS Publishing Technologies Int'l - 
A a collaborative effort to spread knowledge of color management and process improvement using ORIS Color Tuner//Web, ORIS Press Matcher//Web and ORIS Certified//Web.
Children's Books Wiki - Children's Books Wiki 
A Wiki dedicated to children's books.
China Law Wiki - 
An international knowledgebase covering the practical legal issues relevant to doing business in and with the People's Republic of China (PRC).
Chinese Grammar Wiki - [1] 
Chinese grammar resource
Cinoku - 
Film lexicon
CIRLWiki - 
Wiki/Website for the Computational Intelligence Research Lab at the University of Missouri - Columbia
Citizendium - 
The Citizens' Compendium
City Deep Sky Project - 
Astronomy information and list of deep sky objects visible from inside a city.
Claystation Claypedia - 
Claystation Claypedia - A community based online encyclopedia for the field of Ceramic Arts.
Clicklaw Wiki - 
A wiki of legal information aimed at the public in British Columbia, Canada. Featuring Clicklaw wikibooks, powered by the wikibook extension. Operated by Courthouse Libraries BC.
Clinfowiki - 
The Clinical Informatics Wiki - Topics in clinical informatics.
CoastalZone | ZonaCostera | KüstenZone | FrangeCôtière | KustStrook | .Info 
Community site with relevant and on-time information, useful for the integrated management of the coastal zones of our world. Integrated development is everybody´s business!
Clipper Ship City of Adelaide - 
Passenger and Crew Lists with biographies pertaining to world's oldest clipper ship.
Club Penguin Fanon Wiki - 
A proudly independent and ever-growing Club Penguin storytelling database!
Club Penguin Wiki - 
A free, editable wiki about Club Penguin.
Code Snippets Wiki 
A wiki-compatible syntax code guide, hosted by Wikia
Collaborative Landscape - 
Site devoted to research, practice and education in landscape architecture, urban design and planning
Combine OverWiki - 
A wiki covering the Half-Life and Portal game series
Combined Community Codec Pack - 
Information and help for video playback in general and CCCP solutions in particular. -
A resource on community health and the Health For All movement in India put together by people actually working in the field.
Conbledegook - The Conbledegook File 
Alex Holden's glossary of Eastercon-related jargon.
Conservapedia - Conservapedia 
A conservative Christian Wiki encyclopedia.
Consumerium - 
Fair trade, political consumerism, and moral purchasing trends
Cookopedia - 
The best place about cooking.
Corkipedia - 
News and History for Cork City and County
CreationWiki - 
Encyclopedia of creation science
Creative Commons - 
Compendium of development information for Creative Commons tools
Crossroads MUSH - 
Setting and theme information for Crossroads MUSH, a text-based roleplaying game
Cruising and Sailing Wiki - World Cruising and Sailing Wiki 
An online world cruising guide.
CryptoDox -
Encyclopedia on cryptography and information security
CS Wiki- 
A wiki used in the Computer Science Department at California State University, Los Angeles.
Cumulopedia - 
A nephology/meteorology encyclopedia.
Cunnan - 
Information for re-enactors of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
CyanogenMod Wiki - 
A wiki for the CyanogenMod Community project.
CycleChaos- Motorcycle Wiki 
Encyclopedia focusing on motorcycles.
CyPhyNets - 
The website of the Laboratory for Cyber Physical Networks and Systems (CyPhyNets), at the School of Science and Engineering, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan.

D[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2014-05-17
D&D Wiki - 
A collection of Dungeons and Dragons material both homebrewed and SRD.
Daria Wiki - 
Information about the MTV series and its fandom.
David Spencer's Canadian Inukshuk - 
An educational portal helping Canadians and our friends around the world better understand what forms our Canadian identity. Includes significant Canadian buildings, documents, events, expressions, groups, inventions, persons, places, programs and symbols.
David Spencer's Education Paragon - 
A free educational resource portal helping Ontario, Canada based secondary school students, parents and teaching colleagues with understanding and applying assessment, communication, curriculum design, curriculum planning, curriculum delivery, evaluation and literacy skills accurately and effectively.
David Spencer's History of Ontario Communities - 
An educational portal recording the human history and natural history of selected communities both past and present located in the province of Ontario, Canada.
David Spencer's Media Spin - 
The journal of David M.R.D. Spencer's observations about the work, ministry and goals of Canadian media workers who are Christian and Canadian media history, present trends and media convergence.
DayZ Wiki - 
Tips, guides, and information for DayZ, a zombie survival mod for the game ArmA II.
DesigningBuildings - 
Wiki about architecture, construction, and related building-design concepts
Deskthority wiki - 
This wiki is dedicated to mechanical keyboards, mice and other human interface devices.
Detective Conan Wiki - 
The ultimate resource about Detective Conan.
Dharmaflix -
Diatessaron wiki - 
A wiki about Diatessaron Gospel and anything related.
Dirtopia - 
The free off-road encylopedia
Discourse DB - 
a database of political commentary, including print and online sources
Discworld & Pratchett Wiki - 
Everything about Terry Pratchett and his Discworld book series
Distributed Proofreaders - 
A wiki for documentation and collaborative tasks at Distributed Proofreaders
dKosopedia - 
A political encyclopedia built by the DailyKos community
Dolibarr - Dolibarr ERP & CRM wiki 
All users and developers documentation of Dolibarr OpenSource project.
DominionStrategy Wiki - Main Page 
A site about the strategy of the game Dominion. - 
The Doom video game series.
DragonFable Wiki - 
A wiki for Artix Entertainment's Flash Based Web RPG - DragonFable.
DrinkiWiki - 
Large collection of drinking games.
Dreamhost - 
Customer wiki for the webhosting company Dreamhost
Dungeons and Dragons Wiki - 
A project dedicated to providing reference and fan-made material for the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game.
Dystopia Wiki - 
A project dedicated to providing information about the Dystopia modification of Half-Life 2.

E[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2014-05-17
e107 - 
e107 is a content management system written in php and using the popular open source mySQL database system for content storage. It's completely free and totally customizable, and in constant development.
ECGpedia - 
ECG (heart tracings) course
Eclipsepedia - 
The Eclipse Open Source Project Wiki
EcoliWiki - 
Resource for the Model Organism Escherichia coli
ECO Issues - 
Database of reports by the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO).
Edutech Wiki
Educational technology, hosted at TECFA, University of Geneva.
Ekopedia -
The encyclopedia of ecology. The project is part of
EggeWiki -
Brian Egge's coding tips and scrapbook
Egres Open - 
Collection of open problems in combinatorial optimization, maintained by the Egerváry Research Group.
Electoral Reform -
Voting Systems and Electoral Reform
Embedded Linux -
Embedded Linux Developers and Users wiki.
Emo Speedway Wiki - Emo Speedway Wiki 
Historical Information on the Emo Speedway
Encyclopedia Magnetica -
Encyclopedia of magnetics: from theory and physics, through technologies, materials, sensors, to application in science, medicine, everyday life and more.
EntropiaPlanets Wiki -
about MindArk's MMORPG/Virtual World platform Entropia Universe.
a database of horror, science fiction, fantasy and animated film and television
Esolang -
EvoWiki - 
Evolution education, biology , and origins. Repository for mainstream scientific responses to common intelligent design and creationism arguments.
explain xkcd - 
dedicated to explaining the popular webcomic xkcd
Eternal Lands Wiki - 
Eternal Lands fantasy MMORPG unofficial wiki

F[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2015-03-29 - 
A project that gives everyone a platform to manage their popularity.
Fanra's EverQuest Wiki - 
EverQuest game information.
Fantasy Life Wiki - 
Everything about the Fantasy Life game!.
Festipedia - 
A knowledge database for the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways.
Fiesta Wiki - 
The ultimate source for information on the MMORPG online game Fiesta.
FileZilla - 
FileZilla Documentation
Firefall - 
a wiki for Red 5 Studios Upcoming free-to-play Tactical Shooter - Firefall.
FishPi - 
FishPi: An Autonomous Drop In The Ocean. Design & build a transatlantic autonomous vehicle, controlled by the Raspberry Pi, and powered by solar energy.
FIXwiki - 
a Wiki dedicated to the FIX protocol
FFXIclopedia - 
THE Source for Final Fantasy XI information.
Flat Earth Wiki -
The official Wiki of the Flat Earth Society.
FlatRedBall - Wiki 
Documentation covering the FlatRedBall Game Engine and general game development information.
Flight Instructor Wiki - 
Information and Resources for Flight Instructors and their students.
Folding@Home - Folding@Home 
Folding@Home is a distributed computing project aimed at understanding protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases.
Foreclosurepedia - Foreclosurepedia 
User contributed foreclosure wiki for the REO/Property Preservation industry
Free Geek - 
Free Geek, a nonprofit organization which puts unwanted computers back into use to benefit deserving volunteers and nonprofits.
FreeGameDevWiki - 
Open source game development wiki.
Friends of Math - 
A wiki for sharing mathematics solutions.
The Frushour Wiki - 
Private family genealogy wiki.
Funtoo Wiki - 
Official Funtoo Website/WIki
Future Worlds - Future Worlds 
Wiki for all Future Worlds Center ideas, people, projects, products etc.
eFlyFF Wiki -
Your guide into the world of Madrigal.

G[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2016-01-05
Gaiapedia - 
Community dedicated to documenting the largest English speaking forum on the internet. (GaiaOnline)
Galbijim Wiki - 
Information on South Korea, specifically from the point of view of the expat in the country.
Game Ideas Wiki - 
A wiki about ideas for video games, hosted on Wikia
Gamepedia - 
Collection of wikis about certain video games. Run by Curse.
Game Programming Wiki - 
game programming tutorials and source code for a variety of languages and platforms.
GameWinners - 
Uneditable cheat code website.
ganfyd - 
Resource for medical professionals
Gardenology - 
Gardening wiki and plant encyclopedia
Geeklog Wiki - 
For the open source CMS / weblog
Geni Wiki - 
Wiki for, a genealogy site.
GenieWiki - 
For the three games using the genie engine - Age of Empires, Age of Kings and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds
Gentle Giant Home Page - 
Rock band Gentle Giant
Gentoo Wiki - 
Official Gentoo WIki
A collection of information about Hayao Miyazaki and his works.
GingerWiki - 
Local services such as plumbers or dentist with tables of prices.
GishanWiki - 
GishanWiki is a collection of university reports and projects.
Globulation2 - 
The game Glob2
Global Web Security Systems Support Wiki - 
Both a support wiki for Global Web Security Systems' MailCloak software, and an educational wiki about encryption.
GoMediaWiki - 
Mediawiki skins and extensions
Government and Social Media Wiki - GovSM 
A wiki tracking the use of social media by government.
Grand Comics Database - 
Documentation for the web site database interface and error tracker
GridPP - 
GridPP, UK Computing Grid for Particle Physics.
Guild Wars Wiki - 
The official Guild Wars Wiki, information on all aspects of the MMO, Guild Wars.
GuildWiki - 
a wiki guide for ArenaNet's Competitive Online RPG, Guild Wars.
Gungfu Dojo - Gungfu WikiDojo Listings 
The Online Resource of Martial Arts Schools, Training Centers, and Dojos throughout the world and the USA.
GuyanaWiki - 
Guyana is an english speaking country in South America with information and photos on its wildlife, environment... A free CD project based on it is given out to schools and libraries.

H[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2014-05-18
Hardware Book - 
Cable and connector pinouts along with technical specs of computers and consoles.
Hardwood Investments Wiki - 
A wiki about investing in teak plantations and other hardwood/forestry investments
Information for Hurricane Electric customers.
Health++ - 
HealthPlusPlus is a wiki about health, also a medical knowledge base, an online medical encyclopedia.
Health and Medicine Wiki - 
a Wiki about Health and Medicine, mostly written by Fuse809 (talk), hosted by Wikia. It, as of 15:17 28 Jan 2015 (UTC), has 920 pages and 950 files.
Health and Wellness - 
Health and wellness, a blessing that money cannot buy. A personal journey to become more health-conscious through knowledge.
Health Knowledge Base - 
Health Knowledge Base about Mind, Body, and Environment.
Help For Shepherds - 
A site to help supply resources for Christian pastors.
HeroSmash Wiki - 
A wiki for Artix Entertainment's Flash Based MMO - HeroSmash. -
A free database for all kinds of hifi products
Hitchwiki - 
Information about hitchhiking.
Hollywood Cliches - 
User ratings of Hollywood films on their political bias.
Homestar Runner Wiki - 
Knowledge-base about the cartoon series Homestar Runner
Hortipedia - 
garden encyclopedia, plants, plant database
Hortipedia commons - 
Media Repository - more than 20.000 pictures of plants - Hostel Management Wiki 
Community-written documentation and resources on how to start and manage backpacker hostels. - 
(en,fr,es) Howtopedia is a library for practical knowledge and simple technologies. It focuses on development tools.
Hymns Without Words - 
Hymns Without Words is a resource of downloadable recordings of hymns and carols that are suitable for use in services.
HelioHost - 
Articles related to HelioHost and it's services for HelioHost customers.
Hypothetical Hurricanes - 
Create your own hurricane seasons here.

I[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2014-05-18
India Water Resources Information System (India-WRIS) Wiki -
This wiki is a part of the India-WRIS Project website. This website aims at providing single window solution to water resources in India. Since the main website is mostly map based, the wiki takes care of the other content like text and images. It is edited and maintained by a dedicated team.
International Guide to Avoid Dying -
This Website aims to be a general reference for all the things you should know if you are ever in a survival situation.
ICANN Wiki -
IDNwiki - ICANN TLD I18N :Eleven internationalized test TLDs
Ifigenia - 
Wiki for collaborative scientific research, development of educational content and partners networking in the areas of intuitionistic fuzzy sets and generalized nets
Illogicopedia - 
A wiki for random humour, Illogicopedia is a wiki mostly dedicated to non-, semi- or entirely humorous surrealism (which might variously be considered clever, dumb, silly, or just plain nonsensical) and some satire.
infoAnarchy Wiki - 
Information related to file sharing, copyright, the gift economy, cyber liberties, peer to peer research, information tools, and similar topics
International Music Score Library Project - 
A virtual library containing public domain musical scores, as well as scores from composers who are willing to share their music without charge.
Internet Movie Firearm Database (IMFDB) - 
A wiki listing the occurrences of different firearms in Film, Television and Video Games.
Interuniversal - 
A wiki for the science fiction project Doom Crisis.
IpbWiki - 
Integration of Invision Power Board with Mediawiki.
ieXbeta Wiki - 
ieXbeta's wiki is about operating systems and software applications.
IRC Wiki -
Irenic Clan Wiki - 
Information wiki for the Irenic RuneScape clan and related RuneScape topics run by the clan community
Islamic E Books - 
Free islamic Books to download.
ISOGG Wiki - ISOGG Wiki 
Genetic genealogy information from the International Society of Genetic Genealogy.
ITwiki - 
The Stevens Institute of Technology's Information Technology documentation website.
IIwiki - [2] 
A wiki for roleplaying related to the online game NationStates.

J[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2015-12-25
Jajuk - 
Jajuk is software that organizes and plays music. It is a fully-featured application geared towards advanced
Janapar - 
Janapar is the trail leading trekkers and hikers through Karabakh. users with large or scattered music collections.
JavaScript Wiki - 
sufficiently interoperable ECMAScript
Johor-Bahru-Directory - 
The Encyclopedia of Johor Bahru
Jewel Dragon Wiki - 
Jewel Dragon is a match-3 puzzle RPG for iPhone and iPad.
Jmol - Jmol wiki 
Jmol is a Java molecular viewer for three-dimensional chemical structures.
Johor Bahru Insurance -
Information on life and general insurance in Malaysia in general and Johor Bahru in particular
Jonathan Park Wiki - JPwiki 
A wiki that explores the radio drama called Jonathan Park
Journalists' Workspace - Journalists' Workspace 
Closed wiki for use by Wikinews accredited reporters working on embargoed and investigative reports
Judgepedia - 
An encyclopedia for Judges at all court levels.

K[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: February 14, 2015
K12wiki - 
Pre-K-12 U.S. public school project
K12LTSP - 
A software distribution packaging Fedora and CentOS Linux with the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) software, tailored for use in schools
Kalim - Kalim 
Collective intelligence focused on the Word of God.
Katrina Help - 
Community assistance for victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Know the Words - 
Music & Lyrics
Knowledge Base Case Study - 
Paper presented at Red Hat Summit 2009.
kekePower - 
kekePowers Information By-Way
Kenya.or.KE -kenya.or.KE 
The Kenya we know - the Free Kenyan encyclopedia that anyone can edit. A Wiki about the country Kenya
Kerneltroubleshootomatic - 
Computer knowledge base with wiki and forum.
KidsPersonalFinance - Kids Personal Finance 
Guide to help kids and parents learn how to handle their personal finances
Kis-Lev - 
The collaborative website of Israeli artist Jonathan Kis-Lev, including pictures of his naive paintings
KneeQuickie - 
Conlanging, ZBB-community
Know Home Schooling - 
Home Schooling Guide
Knoxville Tennessee Wiki - 
Life, Business and Organizations in Knoxville, Tennessee
Kodi Wiki Manual - 
The online manual for Kodi® media center (formerly Xbox Media Center), the free open source (GPL) multimedia-player for the Xbox™ from Microsoft.
KoL Wiki - 
Information and spoilers for Kingdom of Loathing, a web-based MMORPG
kpopwiki - 
Asian music
Krass - 
Techno in Barcelona, Germany and London.
Kreosite - 
Information on all the Kre-o sets released by Hasbro
KUpedia - WiKUpedia (soon to be 
A wiki run by students at the University of Kansas
K-Wiki - K-Wiki 
Project management tools

L[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: February 16, 2015
LabVIEW Wiki - 
Dedicated to the LabVIEW programming language.
LANETO Wiki – 
(EN) Wiki on new service developments. Results of desk research and market studies, but also user manuals and course outlines for services are made publicly available.
Law Delta- 
All laws of the world.
Lawvolution - 
Extensive legal information - including case research tools and course outlines - for the public, law students, and practicing attorneys.
League of Legends Complete Wiki- 
Wiki about the MMO League of Legends: Clash of Fates.
LegacyView Dictionary of World Biography
LEGO Ideas Wiki - 
An encyclopedia for LEGO Ideas projects, users and more.
LEGO Minifigures Online Wiki - 
A reference to LEGO Minifigures Online, an MMO based on LEGO figures.
LEGO Stories Wiki - 
A fanon site where anyone can write and add fan stories related to LEGO.
Lehigh Engineering Heritage Initiative - 
Database of biographies of successful members of the Lehigh University engineering community
LeicesterTalk Wiki- Leicester Forum and Wiki 
Wiki about Leicester News, Jobs, and goings on. Installation with a Vbulletin 4 bridge.
Libra - 
A collaborative novel
Libregamewiki - 
Free as in freedom video gaming
LibriVox Wiki - 
LibriVox provides free audiobooks from the public domain.
LifeWiki - 
A collection of patterns and information about Conway's Game of Life
Lilisto's Wiki - 
Lilisto personal bookmark manager's help section
LimeWire - 
LimeWire's website and wiki
Lingua Veritas Lingua Veritas - Translation interpretation 
A Wiki-based multilingual resources agency
Line Zone - 
Wiki for the young linerider fansite-forum - 
The the free Linux knowledge wikiportal
Linux Questions - 
A General Linux Self-service Technical Support Forum
Link Building Wiki - Link Building Wiki 
Link Building and Link Popularity
LinksCiti - 
A wiki link directory separated into thousands of topics.
List Here - 
Classified ad wiki.
Little Rock Renaissance - 
All things Central Arkansas
Linux Shell Scripting Wiki - 
This tutorial is a beginners handbook for new Linux users / Sys admins and school students studying Linux or computer science.
List of Goals - 
A list of goals and methods to achieving them.
List of Wiki - List of Wiki 
A collection of thousands of lists about everything and anything.
Listing ASCII Arts! - 
Collection of ASCII arts. This is a wiki where you can send ASCII art.
LiteratePrograms -
Living Control - 
Information about Living Control and its products.
LiquidsWiki - 
Equipment for Handling and Processing Liquids.
LogMeIn Wiki - LogMeIn Wiki (multiple redirects, hijacked?) 
Wiki with articles about LogMeIn software.
Lost Souls - 
A MUD with a wiki for its players and developers.
Lostpedia - 
A fan-maintained guide to the TV show LOST.
LOTRO Wiki - 
A Lord of the Rings Online fan-site.
LoveToKnow - 
A wealth of information on various topics - every field has its own wikipage
The API reference for the LÖVE game engine.
database for chanchan and 4chan and all imageboard/internet related information
LyricWiki - 
Over 200,000 songs w/no annoying banners or pop-ups.
Lyriki - The Lyrics Wiki - 
Lyrics site
Live with Yoga - 
At Live with Yoga, you can experience peace and also contribute in spreading peace through path of yoga.
Lylat Wiki - 
Star Fox.

M[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: February 17, 2015
MCommerceWiki - 
List of M-Commerce solutions, service providers and common practices.
Macedonia Wiki - Macedonia Encyclopedia 
Mediawiki powered Macedonia Wiki, with a beautiful skin!
Madde14/English - 
An online database on migration and asylum.
MapleStory - 
Wiki to help players of the MMORPG MapleStory.
Marketing Online - Marketing Online Statistics and Tools 
Digital marketing statistics and Internet Marketing Software Tool compilation by Dave Chaffey
Mario RPG Universe - 
Wiki devoted to the Mario role-playing game series.
Super Mario Wiki - 
A wiki about Nintendo's Super Mario series.
Magic Sanctum - Magical Wiki encyclopedia project 
Devoted to the complete indexing and central archive of magic, magicians, illusions, and everything magical arts related!
Mahalo - 
Search Engine
MakeHijra - (down) 
Guide on Moving to a Muslim Country
Malawi360 - 
Living, working and tourism in Malawi
Malaysia - 
The Encyclopedia of Malaysia
Mandriva Community Wiki - 
A community website for Mandriva Linux users
Mankatopedia - 
Wiki about the city of Mankato, Minnesota, USA
MansonWiki - 
A wiki devoted to industrial rocker Marilyn Manson and his eponymous band.
Marvel Comics Database - 
Marvel Comics information and image database
Martial Arts - Martial Arts Wiki -
Online information and resource for Martial Arts, Karate, Kungfu, Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling, Jui-Jitsu, Grappling, Judo, Weaponry, History of Martial Arts, Traditonal Shaolin, General Instruction, Dojo School Listings and much more
MasonWiki - 
For students, by students, a wiki for all things George Mason University-related
Material Project - 
A wiki catalog of materials, products, and buildings for the architecture and interior design community
Mathematical Trading and Finance - Mathematical Trading and Finance 
Based around the MSc course available at Cass Business School, London
MechQuest Wiki - 
A wiki for Artix Entertainment's Flash Based Web RPG - MechQuest
Mediawiki Users Group - 
For MediaWiki users, administrators and developers, a resource to enhance the content of
Medicalopedia - Medicalopedia Homepage 
The medical encyclopedia for medical personnel
Medical Assistant - Medical Assistant 
Resources for becoming a medical assistant
Meditorworld - meditorworld (recheck) 
a collection of user-created meditor worksheets
MeetYourAncestry - MeetYourAncestry 
For family historians to preserve oral histories, share information, photos and documents, and discover the individuals behind their family trees
Men of War - Wiki - 
The unofficial community-wiki on the real-time strategic video-game "Men of War"
Mercury Rising Fanon Wiki - Mercury Rising Fanon Wiki 
Fanon wiki for 1998's Mercury Rising and its expanded universe content
Met Wiki - 
The New York Mets players, seasons, games, trades, and other info
MetaBase - BioDatabase.Org 
MetaBase is a user contributed database of databases, listing all the biological databases currently available on the internet
MetallicaWiki - 
A wiki about heavy metal band Metallica
Metroid Wiki - 
A wiki dedicated to Nintendo's Metroid franchise. The wiki contains in depth information on everything Metroid
MFBWiki - 
Recording the history of Melbourne's Metropolitan Fire Brigade
MicraWiki - 
A place where people can come and post their progress and news on all things Micra
Micros Systems - 
Official documentation for their latest products (Site is restricted via logging in to their website)
Middleton-StJohns - Middleton-StJohns 
Genealogy and literary site makes extensive use of DPL and interwiki links
Million Artists (Translations) - 
Translations for Million Artists - abstract art fundraising project
Minecraft Wiki - 
A wiki dedicated to gathering useful information related to Minecraft, a Java-based computer game created by Notch
MineZ Wiki - 
Strategic information source for MineZ, the multiplayer zombie apocalypse game-mode for Minecraft inspired by DayZ
Miraheze Meta - Meta
Meta coordination page for Miraheze wikis
Macalester Public Knowledge Base - 
A Public Knowledge Base for organized activism, led by Macalester students in Minnesota
MixesDB - 
Database for DJ Sets and tracklists
MMOnlineWiki - 
Wiki containing information about MMORPGs
ModEnc - 
An Wiki collecting all modding information regarding Command&Conquer series
Monoskop - 
A wiki for art, culture and media technology
Moodle Documentation - Moodle Docs 
Documentation for Moodle, an open source educational course management system
MoparWiki - 
The simple goal of becoming the single best source of anything having to do with Mopar cars and trucks
Motorsports Wiki - 
The definitive online guide to all things motorsports, powersports, auto, motorcycles, motocross, supercross, speed racing & anything with an engine
Mozilla Wiki - 
Plans of software development of the Mozilla Foundation
Mozilla Developer Center - 
Mozilla Developer documentation (Now uses different wiki software)
Mozillazine Knowledge Base - 
Semi-official knowledge base about Mozilla products
Mono Project - 
Cross platform and open source implementation of Microsoft .NET framework
Mountwiki - 
Wiki containing information about mountains and routes
MPedia - 
A wiki encyclopedia on the subject of Mensa, the high-IQ society (An independent project not affiliated with, owned by, or endorsed by Mensa)
Mt633 Wiki 
Personal Wiki for Zach Harris mostly on theology, computing, and math
MTG Archive - 
A library of information related to the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game
MusicProf - 
An Instrument For Music Notes
MuslimWiki (Mw) 
The open encyclopedia on Islamic Subjects and the Muslim world from the Muslim perspective
Mustangpeak Wiki Help - 
Help for software and components
MusicDocz - 
Very Useful for Musicians and Music Lovers. Song Information including many lists of complete recordings by various Artists
My Research Wiki - 
Genealogy research notes
myElectrical - 
Electrical Engineering Wiki
MyErasmus - 
Obtain information and share knowledge with other Universities, students or teachers about the Erasmus Programme
MyraPedia - 
Create fantasy detail with art and stories in one of the oldest SharedWorld projects around the world Myra
Mystiki - Mystiki 
A resource on western and eastern mysticism and mystical societies
MyTownWiki - MyTownWiki 
Communities collaborating to document their ongoing history, local culture, and comprehensive information about their area
MyWikis – MyWikis 
A free wiki host (move to MediaWiki-ready hosts)
Mascot Wiki - MascotWiki 
The first wiki for mascots & fans featuring up to date information and every mascot has a photo on there page

N[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: March 17, 2015
National Science Digital Library (see link at OER Commons)
NDTWiki - 
Non Destructive Testing Wiki
Nashvillelife - 
Living information about Nashville, TN, USA
NativeWiki - 
Native and Indigenous Peoples Wiki
NamelessWiki - 
A wiki dedicated to hacking, social engineering and secure computing - 
Navy Health Professions Scholarship Programs student collaboration.
Narciki - 
Naval Architecture wiki
NeoNoodles - 
Parenting advice and information
NetPedia - 
The great free encyclopedia of Netmunity - The Great Internet Community
NetworkDictionary - 
Information sharing on the IT, Networking, Telecom and Computer fields
Network for the Study of Archaic and Classical Greek Song 
International network devoted to the study of lyric, elegiac and iambic poetry in archaic and classical Greece
Neverwinter - 
A Wikia that documents Neverwinter Nights.
New Start Ministries Church Wiki - 
An effort by New Start Ministries Church in San Francisco to allow collaboration when developing every Sunday service
New York City Electronic Music Collective - 
A site devoted to the re-connection of the New York electronic music scene.
Nexopedia - 
A wiki dedicated to the NexOS CMS
NHS Choices Wiki - NHS Choices wiki 
A wiki containing events related to the NHS (National Health Service)
Nintendo-Scene - 
A collection of tutorials guides and information on the hacking and modification of Nintendo consoles.
NinWiki - 
Wiki for the band Nine Inch Nails
Nissan 350Z & 370Z Wiki - 
Info on the Nissan 350Z and a few other cars.
Naturecure India - 
Website on alternate therapy system for curing
NetNovinar - 
Edithorial Ethics for online journalists Wiki
NY Canals NY
Information and cruising guide to the New York State Erie, Oswego, Champlain and Cayuga-Seneca Canals.
Node, The The Node
A collective database for the fictional sci-fi universe of 'Transit'.
Nordic Names - 
Origin and meaning of Scandinavian first names.
NSwiki - 
A Wikipedia-style encyclopedia for the online game NationStates
Numberzoom - 
Reverse phone number lookup, Caller ID lookup and list of unknown telephone numbers including collection agencies and telemarketers.
NursingWiki - 
knowledge-database for nursing and health care information
NWO Promisance InfoWiki - NWO Promisance 
Text based game that utilizes a wiki to give the user information on how to play the game

O[edit | edit source]

Oberwiki - 
Wiki for anything and anyone related to Oberlin College and the town of Oberlin, Ohio.
Objectwiki - 
Wiki for objects in the Science Museum in London, UK.
Objectivism Wiki - 
A wiki for Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism
Ocean Wiki - 
Wiki for anything and anyone related to Hidden Knowlege.
OCESS Wiki - 
Wiki for the Ottawa-Carleton Educational Space Simulation
OEIS Wiki - 
Wiki for the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Octopus Wiki - 
Software for the quantum simulation of the excited dynamics of molecules.
Offwiki - 
Community dedicated to improving Wikipedia by discussing and testing ideas for onwiki adoption.
Ogre3D - 
Free open source 3D graphics engine library.
Oh Internet -
A work-safe catalog of Internet and popular culture, with articles contributed by readers.
Old-Computer Wiki - 
Wiki about old computers and stuff (we haved moved to a new host!)
Old Dogs Rock - 
Sharing information about how to keep our aging and ill dogs healthy and happy.
Onekopakaspace Wiki - 
A Wiki made for fun & collaboration.
Online Marketing Wiki - 
A Wiki about online marketing
ooBdoo - 
Center for popular information of all kinds.
OOModels - 
An open library of modelling artefacts from the business and technical domain
Open Babel - 
Open source chemistry library
Open Circuits - 
A wiki for sharing open source electronics knowledge, schematics, board layouts, ports and parts libraries.
Open Clip Art Library Wiki - 
Wiki for the Open Clip Art Library Project
Open Component Project - 
A shared repository of public domain symbols, footprints, and 3D component models for use in electronic design automation (EDA) software.
Open Semantic Framework (OSF) Wiki - 
Wiki for the Open Semantic Framework open-source semantic technology software stack, including about 500 articles on technical aspects of installing, managing and using OSF, plus general semantic Web topics
Openbox - 
Openbox window manager
OpenDarwin - 
Open source Darwin project - wiki 
OpenID development and status - 
Free open source game and mod development community.
Open Game Wiki - 
Open Game Wiki for maintaining an encyclopedia on all available games. - OpenGovProject 
Collaborate with us in providing information about the politicians that hold office, their various positions, the functions of their office, and how to make a difference.
OpenMW - 
OpenMW is an open source reimplementation of the game Morrowind.
OpenSearch - 
A9 open search standard development
OpenTTD - 
Game manual and development resource
OpenTutorial - 
Tutorials About Everything by Anyone
OpenVZ - 
Documentation for OpenVZ - Operating system-level server virtualization, free software built on Linux
OpenWetWare - 
An effort to promote the sharing of information, know-how, and wisdom among researchers and groups who are working in biology & biological engineering.
Orain Meta - :Meta coordination page. Hacked on September 20, down since
Organic Design Wiki - 
Exploring OO, P2P & XML within the Wiki environment
OrbLyrics - 
An English wiki of Japanese artists' and bands' lyrics in Romaji and English translations.
OrthodoxWiki - 
An open-content encylopedia of Orthodox Christianity
Omnimaga PrizmWiki - 
A source for Casio Prizm development info
OSDev -
OSDevices - 
Because devices deserve open source
Our College Notes - 
Wiki for students to create one perfect notebook for every class.
OverclockingWiki - 
Overclocking information plus the software to overclock and run on your overclocked system.
OverSoul Wiki - 
The original wiki for Artix Entertainment's Flash Based MMO - OverSoul.
OZONE Wiki - 
Wiki about the 3D-Oxyd called OZONE
Orbit of Information - orbit of information 
This web portal gives up to the minute updates on the modern technologies.

P[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2013-06-03
Park My Bones - Write your own memorial/obituary/life story.
Pale Ravens -
An all-era Vampire storyworld and play-by-wiki freeform RP (hosted by
Pan Greece - Greece Wiki
A Wiki all about Greece
PC-BSD Wiki - 
A wiki for PC-BSD, an easier to use more heavily GUIfied operating system based upon FreeBSD.
PCGamingWiki - 
Information, tips, hacks and fixes for PC games.
Peacecorpswiki - 
Any Peace Corps info
PESWiki - 
The community-built resource that focuses on alternative, clean, practical, renewable energy solutions.
PGN - PGN Wiki 
PGN's Community Wiki
Ph.D. Prep Track - 
Provides information on earning an Accounting Ph.D.
Physlab - 
The new website of the Experimental Physics Laboratory at School of Science and Engineering, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan.
PidgiWiki - 
the video game media repository
PilotGigs - 
Database about pilot gig racing - 
Dedicated to the Viva Piñata Xbox 360 game and television series
PinkWiki - 
Current and historical archive for the Pink Pinero guild.
Planet Nepal 
Nepal Encyclopedia Project
Plant Encyclopedia (The) 
The global guide to cultivated plants.
Pl@ntUse - 
useful plants of the world and their uses, a study case of Pl@ntNet
PlasticsWiki - Plastics Wiki 
The wiki about plastics & polymers
PLAWiki - PLA Wiki 
Satire wiki about open source, established by PLA - Penguin Liberation Army
PlentyWiki - 
Realm of the Elderlings and other creations of Robin Hobb/Megan Lindholm
Point Omega Research - 
A wiki about the coming Point Omega transition
PokéFriends - PokéFriends 
A wiki for PokéFriends.
Political Wiki - Political Wiki 
Political Wiki is for U.S. Political information along with any outside organizations that are linked to U.S. Politics in any form.
PonyVSPony Wiki - 
A wiki for Artix Entertainment's Flash Based PvP - Pony Vs Pony!
Pornopedia -
Erotic encyclopedia
PortlandWiki - 
Civic wiki for Portland, Oregon.
Poser and Daz Studio Free Resources Wiki - 
Links and descriptions of legally-free content for the 3D-art programs Poser and Daz Studio
Pouya Animation Wiki - 
Pouya Animation Foundation's user wiki.
Programmers' Society - 
A society at University of Technology, Sydney
ProofWiki - 
A dictionary of mathematical proofs.
Project Powder Wiki - 
A wiki for the game Project Powder.
Proteopedia - Proteopedia.Org 
A collaborative, 3D encyclopedia of proteins and other molecules with >50,000 pages using the Jmol extension (java applet showing rotating molecules) and a molecular Scene Authoring Tool.
Pro Cycling Wiki - 
A communal place for all things cycling.
PSN Trophy Wiki - 
A wiki for information about PlayStation games and trophies.
PsychWiki - 
Creating a collaborative resource and compendium of practical knowledge about psychological research.
Public Domain Ideas - PDI 
Ideas and inventions that go into the public domain so they can't be patented.
Pub Night - Pub Night 
A wiki dedicated to Real Ale pubs, primarily round Cheltenham but spreading slowly outwards.
PyMOLWiki - 
Community support site for the molecular visualization program, PyMOL.
Pynchon Wiki - 
Explores all the novels of Thomas Pynchon - 6 wikis.
Pyrowiki - 
How to make fireworks, flash powder, black powder, rockets, aerial shells and more...
Pzwiki - 
A wiki for the indie game Project Zomboid.

Q[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2015-12-25
Qi Hardware - 
Copyleft hardware project.
Qualitionary - Qualitionnaire 
The purpose of Qualitionary is to create an English language glossary of terms used in the implementation of Integrated Management Systems - 
Personal site. - QuakeWarsWiki (wiki down as of 2015-02-14, wiki down as of 2015-12-25)
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars community wiki.
Quantiki -
Quantiki is the free-content WWW resource in quantum information science.
Quickbooks Download - Quickbooks Download 
A website that focuses on providing the community with Quickbooks tips, tricks, and downloads.
Quicken Download - Quicken Download 
Resources, reviews, and guides on the latest version of Quicken.
QuSim - The UQ QuSim 
The Quantum Simulation Group at The University of Queensland directed by Prof. G. Vidal
Qwiki - 
Qwiki is a quantum physics wiki devoted to the collective creation of technical content for practicing scientists.
QWiki - 
Personal site.

R[edit | edit source]

RacecarID - 
A repository for Racecar and related information.
Radiology Wiki - 
A reference for medical imaging
Radswiki - 
A radiology wiki
RangersPedia - 
Comprehensive guide on the net to the World's most successful club, Rangers FC
RationalWiki -
RaveWiki - 
A site hosting software projects (like the Rave Framework), documentations and articles
Razor Wiki- 
A site for development and documentation for an IRC client, server and in-house protocol.
Raw Natural Health Wiki - 
Use simple, raw, natural, healthy, organic foods that work to get you into better health and well-being.
RayWiki - 
Free encyclopaedia about Rayman
ReactOS Wiki - 
Wiki relating to the development and documentation of the ReactOS Operating System
RealCTY - 
About CTY, the Center for Talented Youth, especially its summer program.
Real Estate-
Tampa Bay beaches real estate and gulf beaches
Reforpedia - Reforpedia 
The Bible (in Greek and Hebrew), Doctrine and History from a Reformed (Calvinist), Christian perspective, emphasis on linguistics - 
Researching all issues related to intelligent design.
RizonWiki - Rizon Wiki 
Rizon Network's Knowledge based Wiki for FAQ and Information relating to the network.
RLDSWiki - Wikia 
A Restoration Branches knowledge base, written from a RLDS Point of View.
Roblox Wiki - 
Teaches you how to Use, Play and Build on a free online Multiplayer game called Roblox.
Rocna Anchors Knowledge Base - 
Comprehensive collection of resources relating to boat anchors, anchoring, and accessories.
RODER Vision - RODER Vision 
A guide on LED lighters for industrial vision systems.
Rodovid - 
The généalogical three wiki.
RouteXL - 
User manual for a multiple destinations route planner
Royalist Canada - Royalist Canada 
Central information and educational resource for Canadian monarchists and those interested in learning about the constitutional monarchy of Canada.
RTAW Reefpedia - RTAW Reefpedia 
Reefing the Australian Way Reefpedia, providing and information resource on the keeping of a marine aquarium for Australian hobbyists.
RuleML Wiki - RuleML Wiki 
About the RuleML Knowledge Representation Language and the organization, RuleML, Inc., that develops it.
RuneScape Wiki - RuneScape Wiki 
A large database containing information on the game RuneScape, hosted by Wikia.
RxWiki - 
An online medication encyclopedia for consumers, written and edited by pharmacists.
Random Wikisaur (English) - Random Wikisaur 
A Wiki for free information for everyone.
Random Wikisaur (Simple) - Random Wikisaur 
A Wiki for free information for everyone.

S[edit | edit source]

S1mp3 project - 
Information related to the S1 Mp3 Player - 
Covering Salvia Plant Research and Usage and media coverage
SacWiki - 
The definitive guide to all things related to Sacramento California.
Saint Wiki - 
A free repository of Catholic resources.
SA-MP Wiki - 
The official page of SA-MP, a mod where you can play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas online with your friends. - 
The place for all users of SAS software to gather to share information.
Saltspring Ecovillage Education & Development Society (SEEDS) - 
Development of an ecovillage on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
Santa - Santa 
Santa Cruz, California news, events, and tourism information
Scan New England - Scan New England 
Covering the radio communications hobby for the New England area of the USA.
SCI Team Wiki- 
A peer program group from the University of British Columbia
Scion Tech- 
A site for the Toyota Scion line of cars: tC, xA, xB, xD.
A site about climbing in Scotland.
Scout It Out - 
A wiki designed to provide information on great Boy Scout activities that are available for Boy Scouts in their area.
ScoutWiki - 
Free scouting encyclopedia in English.
Scramble - 
All about aviation.
Scratch Wiki - 
A Wiki about the programming language Scratch.
ScriptsPedia - 
A Wiki dedicated to open source code examples in various programming languages.
SDIY wiki - 
A wiki for learning about DIY electronic musical instruments and related equipment.
SDW (Sleeping Dragons Wiki) - 
Documents campaigns by Sleeping Dragons, a private tabletop roleplaying group.
Seattle Wiki - 
The city of Seattle and surrounding area
Second Life - 
Official Second Life's Wiki
Second Life History Wiki - 
Historical record for the 3D, online, chat-build, multi-user environment Second Life.
Sega Retro - 
Encyclopedia of Sega-related media.
Seizam - 
Freedom to the Artists! Seizam is a creative and collaborative tool for art based on MediaWiki's philosophy and technology.
Selfhelpwiki - 
Self help Wiki .org is the premier self-help site concerning all self-help issues. It is a collaborative project from many ordinary people that know about self-help.
SEO Wiki - 
For all SEO professionals, webmasters, Users and website owners.
ServerWiki - 
For Game Server Administrators, covers setup and installation of all different kinds of Game Servers on various Operating Systems.
SFWiki - 
Information for locals and travelers to the SF Bay area.
SgWiki - 
Singapore wiki, mostly about public transport there.
Shadowlack Codex - 
An original science fiction and fantasy world building (conworld) project.
Shadowrun: Awakened Wiki - 
Open-Source Shadowrun MMORPG
Shartak Wiki - 
Web-based MMPORPG, set on a mysterious island where natives and outsiders hunt and explore. - 
The Online Shetland Dictionary. Over 700 Shetland words that can be searched by Shetland to English or English to Shetland - 
The Shetland Encyclopedia. For all things Shetland related. - Shipwreck 
Shipwrecks all around the world. Maps, divers opinion, books, etc.
Shobia - Shobia 
Shopping guides and information, currently focused on watches.
Showiki - 
Hollywood information for the current day artists.
ShropshireWiki - 
A collaborative site dedicated to the county of Shropshire, England.
SICSR Wiki - SICSR Wiki 
Wiki of Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Pune, India , having various technical and non technical articles contributed by the students themselves.
Sightseeing Wiki - 
The greatest Places of Interest around the World.
Sikhi Wiki - 
Encyclomedia of the Sikhs
SilkRoad Online Wiki (invalid link) - 
Online MMORPG SilkRoad Online
Silverlight 3D wiki - 
Silverlight 3D library wiki with description of all library namespace, class, functions, etc. and their uses.
Simulism - 
Wiki about Simulism
SiteRewriter Wiki - 
Site Help for all web sites
SkepticWiki - 
Site the Encyclopedia of Science and Critical Thinking
SklogWiki - 
A physics wiki for the thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and computer simulation of materials, community.
SKYbrary - 
The single point of reference in aviation safety knowledge.
Skyshard Heroes Wiki - skyshardwiki 
Wiki for the flash based MMO - Skyshard Heroes.
Slabscapedia - 
The future's out there.
Sleepedia - 
Information about sleep, sleeping problems and sleeping aids.
Slowtwiki - 
Wiki dedicated to endurance sports. - 
Wiki resource for owners and managers of small businesses.
Smart OneHealth -Smart OneHealth 
Wiki Source about Science behind Sleep and Rest
SmartLogic Solutions - 
SmartLogic Solutions is a software development and consulting firm. SLS specializes in creating data-driven web applications.
SmashWiki - 
A wiki for the Nintendo game franchise Super Smash Bros.
SME Server - 
Official wiki for the SME Server.
Smite Wiki - Smite Wiki 
Wiki dedicated to Hi-Rez Studios online computer game SMITE.
Snickipedia: The Lemony Snicket Wikipedia - 
This is Wikipedia, but it has been Snickified- a word which here means "remodeled to only have stuff to do with Lemony Snicket".
Social Media Wiki - 
Documenting the world of social media.
Social Science Summary Database - 
Collects summaries of scholarly books and articles, especially those relevant to political science.
Softview - 
Test site for MediaWiki and common extensions.
SolidsWiki - 
Equipment for Handling and Processing Bulk Solids.
Sonic Retro - 
Encyclopedia of Sonic The Hedgehog-related media.
SonikWiki - 
Living documentation for the Sonikmatter Communities, including Kurzweil Synthesizers and Logic Audio.
Sonic-Planet - 
Russian Sonic-related encyclopedia.
Sons of the Thames - 
Sons of the Thames Rowing Club, Hammersmith.
Source Watch - 
Directory of the people, organizations and issues shaping the public agenda. Focus on propaganda (formerly "Disinfopedia")
South Dublin Astronomical Society - 
Amateur observational astronomy resource
Southeast Asia - 
Encyclopedia of Southeast Asia
SpamWiki - 
This wiki, maintained by contributors, is devoted to understanding spam and how you can personally take action to create a spam-free world.
Spadout - Rock Climbing Gear 
Spadout provides information about gear and techniques used in outdoor sports including rock climbing, backpacking and caving.
SpankWiki - SpankWiki 
SpankWiki is a community driven porn/tube site based on MediaWiki.
SpartniaWiki! - SpartniaWiki 
Was "wikiblue" :A wiki for an IRC channel
Speedypedia - 
A new free encyclopedia.
Spiderweb Roleplay Wiki - 
info on various online role plays.
Splunk product documentation - 
Splunk's documentation team uses a super-customized MediaWki product documentation site with support for versioning and navigation. These customizations will be available as open source extensions soon, look for project PonyDocs!
SpongePedia - Home - SpongePedia 
An extremely popular SpongeBob wiki with over 700 full Quality artices, with lots of fun. be sure to join! also in german
SpongyWiki - 
It's a wikipedia for SpongeBob - but a lot crazier. We have events, games, prizes, and much more coming soon. Please join and become part of the revolution!
SporeWiki - 
SporeWiki is the knowledge base dedicated to Spore - the computer simulation video game developed by Wright Will Wright
Sportiki - 
A live, user-created site covering the world of sports.
SpottersWiki - 
Guide to airport spotting and photography locations
Square Mile Wiki - 
Information about the City of London
SDSC SRB Wiki - 
Information about the San Diego Supercomputer Center's Storage Resource Broker (data grid software)
Stadtwiki Karlsruhe - 
city wiki for Karlsruhe, Germany
Stargate Wiki - 
Canon-only Stargate Wiki
Star Trek Online Wiki - 
Star Trek Online MMORPG Wiki
Stefan Zweig Bibliography Wiki - 
Stefan Zweig Bibliography Wiki
Stellarium Wiki – 
Stellarium is a free planetarium for your computer
StrategyWiki - 
Collaborative source for copyleft video game FAQs, walkthroughs, and strategy guides.
Stunts Wiki - 
Information, resources, history and whatever else related to the classic racing game Stunts (aka 4D Driving).
Sturmkrieg – Sturmkrieg landing page 
Wikifarm about Warhammer 40,000.
Sublime Portal, The - 
Expats forum and information about Turkey.
Substepr - 
One of the first serious attempts at an open research website: Higher quality standards than WikiHow or eHow.
Suicide prevention - 
A source of information and resources for suicide prevention.
Sunnyday - 
Psychology, training, and self-improvement. (Russian)
Sunshine Review - 
An encyclopedia dedicated to open government through the sunshine of transparency.
SketchUp Wiki - [3] 
The Unofficial Sketchup Wiki. - 
Personal website of a I.T. Technical nature. - 
The software patents wiki
SymbianWiki - 
An editable guide telling you All About Symbian.
SynSIG - 
promote the study of Speech Synthesis in general.

T[edit | edit source]

Table Tennis Philippines - 
Table Tennis Association of the Philipines Extension
Tamil Eelam Online - Tamil Eelam Online 
Tamil Eelam Online is a news and online service that focuses on providing reliable and accurate information in Sri Lanka.
Talk Nightlife Wiki - 
The memory bank for the Talk Nightlife forum.
Tan Wiki -
A collaborative website for all things related to sunbed tanning.
Teaching Open Source -
A neutral collaboration point for professors, institutions, communities, and companies to come together and make the teaching of Open Source a global success.
Teaching resource Wiki -  
Teaching resources for Key Stage 1 & 2
Technical Analysis - Technical-Analysis.EU 
Encyclopedia for Technical Analysis (Financial).
Team FREDNET - Open Source Development Wiki 
Google Lunar X-Prize Open Space Competition team.
Team Fortress Wiki - 
Wiki site for anything related to the videogame Team Fortress 2
Teampedia -
A collaborative encyclopedia of free team building activities, icebreakers, teamwork resources, and tools for teams.
Technical Christmas - 
Technical Advanced Christmas Decorating
Technical Presentations - 
Collection of conferences and presentations on various technical topics
Techotopia - 
A library of free on-line IT books
TechWikiToday - 
A technology article database for the TechTalkToday forums.
TechWriterWiki - 
A practical on-line reference for professional Technical Writers/Communicators.
TeflPedia -  
Wiki for English teachers.
Telarapedia - Telarapedia 
A wiki for the MMORPG Rift: Planes of Telara.
Teleradiology - Teleradiology 
All news and discussion relating to the transmission of digitized medical images.
TelemarkWiki - Telemark Wiki 
Telemark Skiing.
TeleWiki - 
Articles on business telecommunications including hardware, programming, compatibility, installation, companies.
Terra Nova Wiki - 
Biggest and best reference wiki for Terra Nova.
Terraria Wiki -  
The official Wiki for Terraria.
TESLibrary - 
A wiki site dedicated to all things Elder Scrolls, the Bethesda Softworks series of games (Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire, Redguard, Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal, Oblivion, Knights of the Nine, Shivering Isles, etc.)
TFWiki - 
Knowledge database dedicated to the various Transformers characters, episodes, comics, and toylines.
Transformers Universe Wiki - 
Wiki about the online game.
The ABC DollWiki - The ABC DollWiki 
A wiki on things related to dolls focusing on fashion dolls such as Barbie® dolls and Fashion Royalty®.
The Aquarium Wiki - The Aquarium Wiki 
The encyclopedia of all things aquatic.
The Berries - The Berries 
The Berries
The Chemistry Book - The Chemistry Book
An online chemistry textbook.
The Cutting Room Floor - The Cutting Room Floor
A wiki dedicated to finding unused and cut content in video games.
The Dead Linger Official Wiki - The Dead Linger Official Wiki 
The official wiki of The Dead Linger, an open world zombie survival game by Sandswept Studios.
The Five Pillars Wiki- The Five Pillars Wiki 
A wiki about the online multiplayer game The Five Pillars.
The Funny Wiki - The Funny Wiki 
A wiki that you can put anything you want on, a kid work and school safe uncyclopedia.
The Ginever Block - TGBwiki 
The TGBwiki is the development wiki for Pokémon Crimson.
The Halo Wiki - The Halo Wiki
a wiki dedicated to the Halo Trilogy..
The Hidden Wiki - Only on Tor.
The Infosphere - 
A wiki for all Futurama related info.
The IT Community - 
The wiki knowledge base from IT guys, for IT guys.
The Kim Stanley Robinson Encyclopedia - The Kim Stanley Robinson Encyclopedia 
A New project documenting the works of author Kim Stanley Robinson.
The Mana World - The Mana World Wiki 
TMW is a 2D MMORPG. Wiki document gaming and development aspects.
The Mickey Wiki - The Mickey Wiki 
Unofficial encyclopedia on everything Walt Disney World
The Pet Wiki - The Pet Wiki 
Info about pets and how to care for them.
The Programmers Wiki - 
Any general topic concerning computer programming.
The Real Fiction - 
A wiki about a World of Warcraft Game Community "TRF 3.3.3a" WOW
The Spaghetti Western Database -
The biggest English-language encyclopedia of European Western Cinema
The Wiki Fire - The Wiki Fire 
The unofficial, free encyclopedia of Knox College in Galesburg, IL
Theatre Support Systems Wiki - TheatereSupportSystems 
A web site devoted to providing technical support documentation for Center Stage Softwares Wintix and Tixsale Box-office Ticketing system.
Theobio Wikis at McMaster University - Projects; Dushoff Lab; Worden 
Over 100 wikis for research collaborations. Home of the WorkingWiki extension for wikis supporting collaborative coding and authoring of publication-quality manuscripts
ThetisWiki - ThetisWiki 
A parody planet with humurous articles
The Trail Wiki - 
A Compilation of Maps and Experience documenting a multitude of Trails and Backpacking routes around the world.
The Fish Wiki - 
The wiki of all thing aquatic form reefs to cold water you name it we have got it.
The Ultimate Comment - 
Postmodern investigation of the Secret of the Universe
Thinkerpedia - 
The critical thinking wiki
ThinkNOLA Wiki 
Wiki guide to life in New Orleans, post-Katrina
ThinkWiki - 
Linux distributions on IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads
This Might Be A Wiki - 
Wiki for all things They Might Be Giants
Thistlepedia - 
Thistle yearbook's wiki
Till Kraemer Encyclopedia 
Encyclopedia without notability guidelines
TinyMCE step by step - 
Documentation and examples for the TinyMCE webeditor
TipCollection - 
Tips, tutorials and how-to guides to help make life easier.
Togepedia - 
With happiness we share Pokémon information.
Tolkien Gateway - 
Currently the largest encyclopedia about J.R.R. Tolkien and his works.
Toronto Wiki - 
Toronto Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Clubs, Attractions, Real Estate, Shopping, City Life and more
Total Commander Wiki - 
Knowledge base for Total Commander, famous file manager software for Windows
Total Malware Info - 
Malware descriptions: viruses, trojans, worms, backdoors, and spam; removal instructions; papers on computer security; provided by Design and Test Lab - 
User contributed DJ Set Tracklistings
Track2Asia - 
Travel guide for Asia allowing travelers to share their experiences, upload photos, and provide other travelers with insight information about destinations in Asia.
Trail WIKI - 
A collaboration of trails across the United States.
Trailville - 
Hiking Trails, Cross Country Ski Trails, Bike Paths, Mountain Bike Trails, and Canoe & Kayak Water Trails. 
Free Open Source Software localisation wiki-style
Free Encyclopedia of Gender Expression and Presentation
Travel and Tours Guide - 
Imagine planning your next trip based on the sum of all knowledge from millions of travellers and tourists around the world. - That's our vision.
Trauma and Dissociation project - 
A wealth of information about the mental disorders caused by trauma
Tremulous -
Documentation wiki for the open source game Tremulous
Trunkmonkey Racing -
Trunkmonkey Racing's race team operations and logistics guide
TSR Wiki - 
The Student Room, Information for students
Tubeopedia - 
Everything you ever wanted to know about vacuum tubes, the equipment and circuits that use them and theory about them.
Tulipedia - 
Encyclopedia on Calvinism
TurboTax Free - TurboTax Free 
TurboTax resources to help the community save time and money.
The TV IV - 
An online compendium of television knowledge
The Star Wars Podcasting Guide - TSWPG 
A wiki to help podcasters or prospective podcasters.
Thilopedia - 
A wiki made by fans of Thilo Savage, who was deleted from wikipedia due to a grave miscalculation.
Things You Should Know About - 
Tyska is collaborative writing project focused on providing our readers only the most important and actionable information on any given topic.
T-Vox - 
Information, advice and support group from transgendered, intersexed and genderqueer people.
TelenovelaWiki - 
Read full information on thousands of Telenovelas.

U[edit | edit source]

UBC Wiki - UBC Wiki 
The University of British Columbia Wiki.
UgandaWiki - 
The Uganda online encyclopedia.
UK Online Takeaway - 
UK site for online takeaways
ukcider - 
A wiki about different types of cider and perry.
UK Citizens' Online Democracy - 
Website for the charity UK Citizens Online Democracy.
ukdiy - 
Frequently Asked Questions for the Newsgroup
UKGameshows - 
Information on British television and radio game shows and people associated with them
UMassWiki - 
Wiki for the University of Massachusetts Amherst community
Uncyclopedia - 
Satirical parody of Wikipedia, see wikipedia:Uncyclopedia.
Unified Republic of Stars - 
A collaborative story telling project based around a new and unique science-fiction world.
United Federation of Trek Encyclopedia - 
A sci-fi/fantasy wiki
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - WaterWiki
On-line knowledge map and collaboration tool for the UNDP-Water-Community of Practitioners in Europe & CIS
Uniting Amendment - Uniting Amendment 
The comprehensive amendment to the Constitution written by the citizens of the United States
Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) - 
The wiki about the Elder Scrolls series of games.
Unofficial TransGaming Wiki - 
A collection of information about using Cedega, which allows many Windows games to be played on Linux. Consists mainly of a database of games that have been tested on Cedega.
Unmaintained Free Software - 
Unmaintained/orphaned Free Software projects which are in need of a new maintainer
UOGuide - 
An encyclopedia on the MMORPG Ultima Online
Ubuntu Document Storage Facility -UDSF 
A documentation Wiki for Ubuntu Linux
Urban Dead Wiki - 
A Massively Multi-Player Web-Based Zombie Apocalypse. MMPORPG.
Utah Dogs Wiki - 
Information for Dogs and their people in Utah.
uCoz Wiki - 
Online Manual for uCoz - Free Hosted CMS . - 
Wiki for electronics and microcontroller projects.

V[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 15 March 2015
Valve Developer Community - 
Information about Valve's SDK and Tools
Vanipedia - 
is a dynamic, interactive encyclopedia of all the teachings of Śrīla Prabhupāda - The founder Acharya of the Hare Krishna movement who taught the science of devotional service rendered to God.
OpenTibia related articles
Venture the Void Online Documentation - 
Online documentation for space exploration MMORPG
Vicksburg Fire Department - 
A wiki for the use of and about the Vicksburg Fire Department in Vicksburg, MS.
Vicloronomicon - 
A growing wiki of role-playing game material
Video Game Music Covers Wiki - 
A wikia about VGM Cover Artists
Videoville - [] 
A wiki for cool music videos.
The Vim wiki - 
A wiki dedicated to the cross-platform Vim editor
Vindemi - 
A wiki dedicated to Antiques and Vintage Items.
Vistahires - 
Hiring site for Vistaprint
Visual KoL - 
Information about the online role-playing game, Kingdom of Loathing.
The Voxel Box Wiki (VoxelWiki) - 
The official wiki of The Voxel Box Minecraft community.
The Free Voyeurweb's Wiki System - Voyeurweb's Wiki 
It is a richly pictured and fully searchable interactive knowledge base base done by the Voyeurweb community for the Voyeurweb community. This Wiki system grows every hour as more and information, text and pictures are added by people like me and you
vtiger CRM - vtiger Wiki 
Documentation project for the vtiger CRM business users and developers
Unofficial Vyatta Wiki - 
A wiki about Vyatta open source router
Vage - 
Interior Design Ideas

W[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2013-07-13
The free watch encyclopedia in several languages - is an on-line reference about watches.
The knowledge and collaboration Wiki for Water Professionals working in the International Development (United Nations) context
WebPlatform - 
Community-driven site that aims to become a comprehensive and authoritative source for web developer documentation.
WeRelate - 
The world's largest genealogy wiki
Wesnoth - 
Website and wiki for the Battle for Wesnoth project, a free turn-based strategy game
Whackpedia - 
A content and discussion forum for vertical integration of worldwide discussions and more
Where to See Wildlife - 
A website dedicated to finding the best locations to see wildlife.
Who Bought Who - 
The definitive list of where companies went, who bought them swallowed them up or did they go bust!
Wicked Campers - 
Campervan Hire Australia
WICWiki - 
Christian website which contains over 25,000 articles, covering a variety of subjects.
Wikademia - 
a site for learning, research, and project collaboration
Wiki24 - 
Everything there is to know about the hit television series 24
WikiVS -
Comparison of two producs, software, …
Wiki4Games - 
A wiki about video games.
Wikia - 
A network of MediaWiki sites on many topics
WikiAudio - 
User created Encyclopedia and database project for all things audio or sound related.
Wikiasiantravel - 
Your ultimate guide to travel to Asia, with sights to see, accommodation details, places to dine, shopping spree locations, news, Great Deals and more!
wikiBest - 
A list of the best items.
WikiChip - 
A computer-related knowledgebase
Wiki Classical Dictionary - 
A wiki devoted to the history, literature, mythology, art and archaeology of the ancient world.
WikiDance - 
A directory of dance related groups. Bands, teachers and Clubs.
WikiDifferences- [4] 
A difference-between manual.
WikiDrivers - Wikidrivers 
Device drivers for video, sound, storage, networking and input devices, chipsets and CPUs.
WikiFAQ - 
Informative FAQs on all imaginable topics
Wiki Farming - 
A Manual on Agriculture
Where fashion lovers can catalogue clothes, designers, shows and all things fashion.
WikiForGood - 
Guide to social and environmental progress
Wikifund - 
Wikifund is a forum for sharing good practice and ideas in fundraising and non-profit management.
Wikigogy - 
to write TEFL TESL TESOL English teaching lesson materials and ideas
Wiki-Gore-Pedia (Wikipedia Goregrind) - 
a complete encyclopedia of goregrind music
WikiGTA - 
Grand Theft Auto Walkthrough
WikiHealth - 
Health & Wellness topics
wikiHotel - 
A hotel guide.
wikiHow - 
A How-To Manual
WikiIslam - WikiIslam 
Online resource with articles on various areas of Islam based on its own sources, the Qur'an, hadith and Islamic scholars.
WikiJava - 
The Wiki about Java, on WikiJava you can find all the code samples and tutorials about the most powerful programming language in the world.
WikiKrishna -
Wiki of Hindu vedic scriptures, songs, lyrics, etc.
WikiLectures -
Online study materials for medical students.
Wikilevels - 
A free video game walkthrough wiki
WikiLou - :A collaborative wiki about St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding area.
WikiMama - 
A wiki project aimed at collecting tested and comparable recipes with photos and videos.
WikiMANNia - 
wiki site dedicated to the knowledge of discrimination.
Wikimbad - 
A wiki for sharing reduced and published astronomical data.
Wikimmigrant - 
A free, worldwide project for aggregating information about immigration laws and rules.
WikiNoah - 
Welcome, newcomers to WikiNoah. Everything worthwhile to know about the Bnei Noach movement. The Online Encyclopedia about the Noahide movement created by observant Noahides and Jews.
Business directory for NYC and other cities.
WikiPasy - 
Encyclopedia about oldest polish football club - KS Cracovia.
WikiPathways - 
Biological pathways curated by the scientific community.
WikiQueer - 
Encyclopedia and resource hub project specifically for and by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and allied communities.
Wikireedia - 
Academic and general interest site
Wikisimpsons - 
The best Simpsons wiki on the internet.
WiKirby - WiKirby 
It's a wiki. About Kirby. Stylish wiki documenting Nintendo's Kirby game franchise.
WikiRun - 
A running encyclopedia.
Wiki-Scene - 
A collection of tutorials guides and information on video game console hacking and modification.
WikiScope - 
WikiScope is a freely available portal for microscopy, spectroscopy and bioimaging.
Wikishire -
A wiki about Britain, Ireland and the British territories.
Wiki-site - allows you to open and manage a free wiki site.
WikiSki - 
A global guide to Snow Sport & Snow Resorts.
Wikisocion - 
Encyclopedia of socionics
WikiStory- allows you to write a short story together with other authors or to write one alone but share it with and receive feedback from thousands of others. (You can write a short story, poem, novel, plot, character description, or any other form of writing.)
WikiSummary - WikiSummary 
Summaries of Academic Books and Articles
WikiTree - 
Worldwide collaborative family tree.
WikiVerde - 
A Wiki about sustainability and Green Living.
WikiWrestling - 
WikiWrestling is your definative source of wrestling information.
Wikiwrimo - 
A wiki for everything related to National Novel Writing Month, Script Frenzy, and the Office of Letters and Light.
WikiYoga - 
Wikiyoga is dedicated to all forms of yoga
WinMerge Wiki - 
A wiki for WinMerge development
Wireless Africa - 
Home of the CSIR, Wireless Africa, Community Owned Information Network.
Without Vowels - 
Site for researching all meanings of Old Testament without vowels.
Wixpert - 
A commercial encyclopedia wiki that lets writers make money for their work.
The Wonderful Wiki of Eamon -
Public wiki for the classic Eamon text adventure series and other related games.
Wookieepedia -
Wiki about Star Wars run by Wikia
WordPress Codex - 
Online Manual for WordPress
World Wind Wiki - 
Knowledge base about NASA's World Wind
Wowpedia - 
The game World of Warcraft, by Blizzard Entertainment.
WikiCancel - 
Wiki with guides on how to cancel contracts and subscriptions with major companies.
Worldexpat online Worldexpatonline 
Club wiki for creating basic Wikimedia extensions in PHP.
WikiSubculture - 
Wiki for global subcultures.
Wikisaur Wikisaur 
Own Random Wikisaur.

X[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2015-12-25
XFamily - Children of God - 
a collaboratively edited encyclopedia about The Family/Children of God cult.
XeNTaXWiki - 
The world's largest repository of Game Resource Archive Format (GRAF) information. Expanding to non-GRAF formats as well.
XC CoasterWiki - 
The largest resource of Roller Coaster and Amusement Industry information.
Documentation for the XMLTV GUI grabber
XMSWiki - 
Help and documentation for XMS software (GMS, SMS and WMS).

Y[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2015-12-25
Yellpedia - Yellpedia 
The first complete United States Yellow Pages that's also a wiki. Over ten million listings (pages) waiting to edited .
YoMo - 
Young Modellers in Ecology. Scientific network, knowledge exchange.
YourSexWiki - Yoursexwiki 
Illustrated Wiki Project about all aspects of sexuality
Youth Rights Network - 
A discussion of youth rights, led by the National Youth Rights Association.
Yo-Yo Wiki - 
Information about the toys called Yo-yo
YoYo Games Game Maker Wiki — 
Сreation of games with Game Maker

Z[edit | edit source]

This section last checked: 2015-12-25
Z64 Wiki - 
N64 Zelda hacking wiki.
Zelda - Zelda 
A group effort of several fan sites to cover the games of The Legend of Zelda series.

MediaWiki-ready hosts[edit | edit source]

Some hosts in alphabetical order:

... or any other host using PHP/MySQL