Selenium/Getting Started/Run tests using Fresh



When using Fresh, you can target several wikis.


  • It will be fast, if the target is local. MediaWiki core Selenium test run takes about 2 minutes on my machine. (As of October 2019.)
  • Works without an internet connection, if the target is local.
  • Doesn't require installing Vagrant.
  • Doesn't require executing npm packages directly on your machine (which is dangerous).


  • You need to have Docker installed.


Go to MediaWiki Core folder[edit]

cd core

Environment variables[edit]

If you're targeting MediaWiki-Docker, you don't have to do anything. If you're targeting another setup, see Selenium/How-to/Set environment variables.

Start a Fresh session[edit]

you:core$ fresh-node -env -net


# env: MW_*, MEDIAWIKI_*
# net: expose host

🌱  Fresh!


Install dependencies[edit]

nobody@docker-desktop:/core$ npm ci

Run Selenium tests[edit]

nobody@docker-desktop:/core$ npm run selenium-test