Selenium/Getting Started/Run tests targeting MediaWiki-Docker

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This page describes how to run Selenium tests locally on your development install of MediaWiki. This tutorial is based on the setup from MediaWiki-Docker.


  • It will be fast, since the target machine is local. MediaWiki core Selenium test run takes about 4 minutes on my machine. (As of September 2019.)
  • Works without an internet connection.


  • You will have to install MediaWiki, Selenium and their dependencies on your machine.
  • You will be executing over 900 JavaScript packages (as of August 2019) directly on your machine with access to all personal/work files.


Go to mediawiki folder[edit]

cd mediawiki

Install dependencies[edit]

npm ci

Run Selenium tests[edit]

Chromedriver has to run in one terminal window:

chromedriver --url-base=wd/hub --port=4444

In another terminal window:

npm run selenium-test