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Wikimedia is participating in Season of Docs 2024.

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About Season of Docs[edit]

Google Season of Docs provides grants to technical writers to work on documentation for open-source software projects. Grants range from $5,000 to $15,000 USD depending on the project's budget.

In 2024, the Wikimedia Foundation will select one project and hire one technical writer to complete the project.

Project description[edit]

To learn about the documentation project we've chosen for Season of Docs, see Season of Docs/2024/Proposal.

Selected proposal[edit]

For this year's project, we've selected the proposal from Network-charles. Thanks to everyone who submitted a statement of interest!

Program timeline[edit]

February 26 Yes Done Start proposing and discussing project ideas. Technical writers start submitting statements of interest.
March 22 Yes Done Deadline for project ideas and comments
April 1 Yes Done Organization admins announce the selected project and submit the organization application
April 10 🎉 We were accepted! Google announces accepted organizations
April 28 Yes Done Deadline for technical writers to submit statements of interest
May 10 Yes Done Organization admins announce selected technical writer
May 20 Technical writer starts working on the documentation project
November 22 Deadline for technical writer to complete the documentation project
December 10 Deadline for organization administrators to submit the final project evaluation
December 13 Google announces program results

Project ideas[edit]

The period for proposing ideas is now closed. To learn about the selected documentation project, see Season of Docs/2024/Proposal.
Proposed ideas

1. Complete migration of MediaWiki documentation[edit]

Status: Accepted

Open-source software project: MediaWiki

Problem[edit] is the documentation wiki for MediaWiki: an open-source wiki platform used by Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, as well as by many other organizations and projects. Before existed, MediaWiki documentation was stored on a different wiki: Meta-Wiki (also called Meta). Since was established as the official wiki for MediaWiki documentation, most MediaWiki documentation pages on Meta have been moved to

However, there are still some pages on Meta that contain MediaWiki documentation. In most cases, these pages cannot be imported directly to because of licensing restrictions or because a corresponding page already exists on This duplication makes it harder for users of MediaWiki to find the information they need and harder for documentation writers to maintain the docs, and as a result the Meta pages have often become very outdated.

There is also some documentation on Meta that relates to MediaWiki but is specific to how MediaWiki is used on Wikimedia projects. This content should stay on Meta, while duplication between the two wikis should be reduced as much as possible.

Here is an example of pages that show the correct separation of content between the two wikis:

Other examples include:


The scope of this project includes:

Note that moving content from Meta to will usually involve re-writing the content instead of simply copying it due to licensing restrictions.

The scope of this project does not include:

Measuring success[edit]

  • Reduce the number of pages that need to be moved to (either partially or completely) from 91 to 0.
  • Organize the MediaWiki-related pages remaining on Meta to make them easier to use and maintain.


  • Must have:
    • Knowledge of how to use MediaWiki and wikitext, or a willingness to learn

See also[edit]

2. Integrate new hooks system into the MediaWiki docs[edit]

Status: Declined

Open-source software project: MediaWiki


In 2020, MediaWiki 1.35 introduced a new system of handling hooks. Hooks are a powerful interface in MediaWiki that allows many extensions to interact with Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects (as well as MediaWiki instances used by many other organizations and projects). Although widely used[1], this new hook system is not well integrated into hook documentation on Improving documentation of the new hook system on will improve the completeness and accuracy of the MediaWiki docs and make it easier for the Wikimedia technical community to build tools that help maintain Wikimedia projects.


The scope of this project includes:

  • Audit the hook documentation on (such as Manual:Hooks and individual hook pages such as Manual:Hooks/PageSaveComplete and in the git:mediawiki/core repository to identify places where documentation for the new hooks system needs to be added or emphasized.
  • Evaluate the ability of the hook documentation to help developers get started using hooks, and create content to make that experience better.
  • Identify duplication, and propose strategies for making the docs easier to maintain.

The scope of this project does not include:

  • Documentation of extensions

Measuring success[edit]

  • 100% of hook documentation pages identified during the content audit include information about the new hook system


  • Must have:
    • Ability to follow a programming style guide and format code samples that comply with it
    • Basic command line skills
    • Knowledge of how to use MediaWiki and wikitext, or a willingness to learn
    • Ability to use git version control systems, or a willingness to learn
    • Basic knowledge of PHP, or a willingness to learn

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Submitting a technical writer statement of interest[edit]

Make sure to read Google's technical writer guide.
The period to submit a statement of interest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated!

To apply for Season of Docs:

  1. Read the project proposal, and write a statement of interest using Google's statement of interest template. Make sure your statement of interest includes a detailed description of how you would approach the project, a timeline for your work, and a budget that follows Google's budget guidelines.
  2. If you don't have one already, create a Wikimedia account.
  3. Log in to Phabricator (Wikimedia's task tracking system) using your Wikimedia account by selecting the MediaWiki log-in option.
  4. Create a task with your statement of interest in the task description. Make sure your task is tagged with #Google Season of Docs 2024. Organization admins and others may ask questions by commenting on the task.
  5. Leave a comment on the talk page introducing yourself with a link to your task.
  6. Watch this page and configure your notification preferences to receive updates about the program.

Volunteering to support a project[edit]

The period to volunteer to support a project is now closed.

Google offers a stipend of $500 USD to community members who help answer questions, review work, and generally take on a considerable mentorship or guidance role in the selected documentation project.[2] If you're interested in helping support a project, leave a comment on the talk page.

Organization administrators[edit]


Feel free to reach out to us with questions by leaving a comment on the talk page. We'll be posting official announcements to the talk page and updating this page as the program progresses.