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August 2012[edit]

Technical Operations[edit]

  • Provision Memcached servers @ EQIAD [RobH} - [done]
  • Swift
    • Move to new 404 handler (Aaron/Ben) [DONE]
    • Cutover Originals (multi-media) on Swift - Tampa [Aaron/Ben/Faidon/Ariel]
      • Write new originals to Swift [DONE]
      • Reads from Swift with NFS as backup [ongoing, deployed to test*,] [DONE]
    • upgrade Tampa Swift cluster to 1.5 from 1.43 [Faidon/Ariel] - [DONE]
    • build up Eqiad Swift - [DONE]
  • Fundraising infrastructure buildup@ EQIAD [Jeff G]
    • provision and deploy Boron (build host) - [Done]
    • provision and deploy Indium (logging host) - [Done]
    • build pxeboot, preseed, and puppet config - [Done]
    • provision payment hosts - [Done]
    • provision pay-lvs hosts - [Done]
    • deploy nagios-nsca monitoring for new hosts - [Done]
  • Limited Apache-on-Precise deployment @ Tampa [Asher/Peter/Mark] - [Done]
  • NetApp /home deployment [Mark] - [Done]
  • Labs OpenStack release upgrade [Ryan/Faidon] - [Done]
  • Install new passive optics system between the 2 datacenters in Tampa
    • CWDM Optics to increase bandwith capacity [DONE]
  • Varnish
    • deploy Varnish with persistent store [Mark] [testing on mobile] - [done]

Mobile / Offline[edit]

  • Transition to the team to using Mingle [DONE]
  • Release beta1 WLM App [DONE]
  • Release beta2 WLM App [DONE]
  • Release beta3 WLM App [DONE]
  • Release V1.1Final WLM App to market [DONE]
  • Message out to community [DONE]
  • Create marketing materials [DONE]
  • Deploy WMF WLM API server [DONE]
  • Turn on GeoData for test wiki [DONE]
  • Continue Zero testing with new mobile partner [DONE]
  • Continue SMS/USSD testing with new mobile partner [DONE]


Visual Editor[edit]

(other) Editor Engagement[edit]

  • New Pages Feed (fka Page Triage)
    • Public soft launch of curation toolbar feature (link on Special:NewPages, curation toolbar by default): [DONE]
    • Other potential changes to be prioritized (e.g., message to article author, visual changes to New Pages Feed, etc.) [DONE]
    • Keyboard shortcuts: spec [IN PROCESS]
    • Increase visibility of Special:NewPagesFeed (e.g., notice on Special:NewPages) [DONE]
    • Additional socialization [ONGOING]
  • Article feedback
    • [DONE]
    • assessment of scalability issues surrounding AFTv5 [DONE]
    • performance/db related changes to AFTv5 queries before scaling [IN PROCESS]
    • bugfixing and small feature enhancements [DONE]
    • Other issues for enwp release (mobile, etc.)
      • Link with page protection [IN PROCESS]
  • Echo_(Notifications) & Flow
    • Deployment of prototype for [Werdna/Vibha] [DONE]
    • UI and bugfixing of Echo [ONGOING]
    • see Performance engineering and Database Sharding for prep work on Echo & Flow
  • E3
    • Clicktracking/Analytics
      • E3 analytics, Clicktracking re-design [IN PROGRESS]
    • Post-edit Feedback
      • PEF 1 experiment [DONE]
      • PEF 2 experiment [IN PROGRESS]
    • Community Portal on en.wp
      • Enabling clicktracking on Community Portal page on en.wp [DONE]
      • UX improvements for Community Portal page on en.wp [DONE]
    • Account Creation User Experience
      • UI/UX mockups [IN PROGRESS]
      • Development [IN PROGRESS]
      • Clicktracking enablement - first iteration [DONE]


  • UploadWizard
    • One sprint devoted to UploadWizard bugs for WLM [Kaldari/Holmquist] [DONE]


  • ResourceLoader 2 -- mostly the Gadgets-extension work which is (as of June 2012) in a branch.
    • Set up a first working setup in WMF labs [Roan, Timo] [IN PROCESS]
    • Testing existing gadgets on WMF labs for breakage [Timo] [IN PROCESS]
    • Discussion of global scripts hosting [IN PROCESS]
  • Fundraising Engineering
    • Auditing and Reconciliation (expect to complete mid-late August) [DONE]
    • Adding Amazon payment processor [DONE]
    • Adding Adyen payment processor [IN PROGRESS]

i18n & R/D[edit]

Platform / Dev-Ops[edit]

MediaWiki Core[edit]

  • Lua scripting
    • Deploy to test2 [DONE]
    • Deploy to [DONE]
  • MediaWiki 1.20/Roadmap
    • Bi-weekly deployment cycle continues
      • 1.20wmf9 [DONE]
      • 1.20wmf10 [DONE]
  • Continuous integration
    • On hold in August
  • Git/Conversion [Chad/Antoine]
    • Finalize decision on Gerrit vs other tools [Brion, David, Chad] [DONE]
    • Improvements to project listing screen upstream [DONE]
    • Research current Lucene status upstream & begin pressing on that [Chad]
    • Create build environment so we can deploy custom builds [IN PROGRESS]
    • Overhaul puppet config for gerrit and get labs functioning [IN PROGRESS]
  • SwiftMedia
    • See "Swift" section in Ops
  • OAuth
    • Finalize specifications, identify/recruit developers [ChrisS] [on hold]
  • Admin tools development
    • CentralAuth and AbuseFilter bugfixing [Chris Steipp] [ongoing]
    • Global AbuseFilter rules [Chris Steipp] [ongoing]
    • Global AbuseFilter variables/throttling [Chris Steipp]
    • CentralAuth mass account blocking [Chris Steipp] (possibly September)
  • Site performance
    • Assessment of PHP 5.4 and suhosin removal [DONE] [Tim/Faidon/Asher]
      • Ready to move to PHP 5.4 when Ops is ready
  • Incremental architectural improvements
    • Category collation
      • Pt wiki fix ready for deployment by Tim bug 35632 - window scheduled for Tuesday, August 21 [DONE]
  • Database sharding
    • Initial prototype work (Aaron/Asher/Matthias) [IN PROGESS]
      • Awaiting review by Tim
  • Wikidata deployment
    • Code review of extensions [Sam, Tim] [ongoing]


    • Start helping test NewPagesFeed/Page Curation Toolbar [Chris] [DONE,ONGOING]
    • Enable and configure useful extensions on beta labs (AFTv5, NewPagesFeed, Curation Toolbar, etc.) for testing [Antoine/Chris][IN PROGRESS] (final step, deploying to beta via Jenkins/git was waiting on gluster upgrade)
    • possible Sept test event for PageTriage/NewPagesFeed/Curation Toolbar [Chris][IN PROGRESS] (final decision by Aug 17)
    • miscellaneous projects as required: EtherEdit testing, TMH testing, documentation, small projects [ONGOING]
  • Hiring for QA Engineer, Bug Wrangler and Volunteer Eng Coordinator


  • Cache Server Log Aggregation Plan [Dave, Otto] [IN PROGRESS]
    • Complete testing Kafka
    • Complete architectural suggestions document
    • Present to Ops, get signoff, throw party
  • Hire new engineer [DONE]
  • Prototype of Data Warehouse [Dave, Otto] [pending]
    • Test CDH4 on Cassandra 1.x
    • Test DSE

Engineering Community Team[edit]

  • Bug Wrangling [Bug Wrangler + volunteers]
  • Activate Tech Ambassadors Network [Guillaume]
  • Google Summer of Code wrapup [Sumana]
  • Planning events [Sumana]
  • Hiring