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Requests for comment/Preview tooltip on links

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Request for comment (RFC)
Preview tooltip on links
Component General
Creation date
Author(s) Raul Cantu Barrera
Document status in draft

Better UX performance in the page links.


All the links on the text can display a tooltip on the 'mouseover' event, and show a preview about that other page, some text and maybe one image, that can make the UX more friendly and useful.

Hi, Raul.
If you (create an account and) log-in, you'll find two options in your user-preferences:
  • Hovercards (in the "Beta features" section of your preferences), which does what you describe. Once it has been developed some more, it will hopefully be turned on for all users without an account (not logged-in).
  • Navigation popups (in the "Gadgets" section of your preferences), a more editor-oriented and powerful tool. (The long-term plan is to integrate this into Hovercards, as an "advanced version", instead of having 2 separate tools).
Hope that helps. Quiddity (WMF) (talk) 18:18, 22 September 2015 (UTC)[reply]