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Request for comment (RFC) Main Page tweaks
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Author(s) Varnent
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A discussion has begun on additional tweaks that should be made to's main page. This wikipage is a place to document the "highlights" of those conversations in the IRC (which can be found in the IRC logs) and allow for additional discussion within the wiki.


There have been comments that the homepage does not present all of the most frequently accessed content on and that the look/feel is outdated.

Varnent has made alterations to address access to information on "active projects" within Additionally has offered to help mediate process and implement technical provisions. Nitin has offered to assist with improving access to needed pages. Heather was recruited to help provide input. Sumana brought the group together.


Plan to implement in sandbox[edit]

  • Symmetry / alignment of columns
  • Move images to better use space
  • Split "Current version" in two and below add a "Frequently Accessed Pages" (or similar) box
  • Split developers into "Core" / "Extensions"
  • Incorporate current user box into header area


  • Update images to newer graphics
    • Photos instead of icons?
  • Use of "user role" icons
  • A block to showcase sites made with mediawiki in bottom of page or a link may be.
  • Merging two blocks [news & new opportunities] as they both convey news, kinda, regarding mediawiki & space can be used for other thing.
  • Download block can be removed totally & can be merged with intro block only which actually has link of "how to get started" ?
  • Various statistics about mediawiki ?


  • Functionality a priority over look
  • Don't reinvent the wheel - so tweak rather than start from scratch
    • Improvements needed - not an overhaul
      • Disagree. Overhaul.
  • Do not need much css polishness but it can be tweaked a bit to make things look more better.
  • There's way too much text on all of these designs - I think a homepage has the purpose of answering the questions - "what problem it solves", "why i'd want to use it" (sometimes tied to who uses it) and "how i can use it". The homepages I am seeing answer those questions somewhat but the answers are very hidden and require a lot of parsing! I'd encourage a design which makes use of "below the fold text". To take some examples - and both give a clear message at the top and underneath are text heavy.
  • Are you thinking about mobile users - what will they see?
heatherw (add some padding :)) - (padding Yes Done - Varnent)
Dantman - (Needs to be made into a unified table so spacing is completely even, "What is a wiki?" needs to be moved upwards so it's at the top of the box like the "Welcome to" header is.)
Regarding colors
I've tried to find an explanation of why this collection of colors is problematic, but most outlines and lessons about how to use color are just plan vague. The truth is that it is subjective and the individual colors are not the problem. Here the pastel colors imply a softness that one may or may not want to associate with MediaWIki, I personally don't think it is a good match. The colors do not relate to the subjects they are paired to and they appear to be random; in design terms this indicates that they have not been deeply considered. I would limit your palette to two or three colors and varying tones, anything more is difficult to implement without running the risk of seeming unconsidered and amateur. heather walls 23:25, 14 February 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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