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Daniel, circa 2013.

I am an experienced software engineer currently living in Waltham, MA. I enjoy bonsai, hacky-sack, growing orchids, and puns. I once submitted ten puns to a contest in order to win a prize, but no pun in ten did.


Please contact me via email at:


I am currently employed by CarGurus in the Technical Learning & Knowledge department.


I previously worked for Vistaprint as a Lead Software Engineer on istaWiki, the internal-documentation system. You can read more about it here:


From Dec. 2006 until Dec. 2011 I was the main developer for EcoliWiki at Texas A&M University. I was actively involved in the following research/projects: EcoliWiki, GONUTS,the Gene Ontology, GMOD. I had the great oppurtunity to work on projects that both expanded my biological knowledge and challenged my technical thinking, some of which resulted in a few publications.