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Requests for comment/Checker

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Request for comment (RFC)
Component General
Creation date 2013‎-10-16
Author(s) MZMcBride
Document status in draft

[09:05] <sDrewth> checker is related to transclusion of pages from Page: ns
[09:06] <sDrewth> and we do it based on the input of pages from the Index: page of the same name
[09:06] <Elsie> Yeah, I think we can incorporate this into the info action, maybe.
[09:06] <sDrewth> it allows for me to easily check that we haven't missed pages from a work
[09:08] <sDrewth> If we could incorporate into the Index: page that would be useful, but I would only want to check one page to get info on the work
[09:08] <sDrewth> doing it per page would be a right PITA
[09:08] <sDrewth> Elsie: https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Index:American_History_Told_by_Contemporaries,_v2.djvu
[09:09] <sDrewth> icon top right
[09:09] <sDrewth> https://toolserver.org/~mzmcbride/checker/?db=enwikisource_p&title=Index:American_History_Told_by_Contemporaries,_v2.djvu