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Selenium/Ruby/Workshops/WTA Test Plan

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Weekend Testing Americas May 5 Test Plan[edit]

WTA May 5 Test Plan

  • Objectives
    • Test MediaWiki version 1.20wmf02 using version 1.20wmf01 as an oracle
    • Regression testing for 1.20wmf01
    • General Exploratory Testing in various browsers

  • Platforms/Browsers of Interest
    • IE7 and IE8/IE9 in "compatibility mode"
    • IE8
    • IE9
    • IE10
    • Firefox with and without "HTTPS-Everywhere" extension
    • Chrome
    • All browsers with and without "privacy/incognito" mode set

NOTE: the Sandbox page is important, use that over any regular wiki page when possible (See link to Sandbox below). Also, for those who have created an account, one's User Talk page is also useful for testing. For example, my user talk page is here: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/User_talk:Cmcmahon

  • Setup
    • Create a global account on any wiki and login. This is not required, but it makes several things easier:
      • Any edits to pages preserves the identity of the editor. This is of particular interest for the Sandbox page
      • Provides a User_talk page, which is a good place to do testing
      • Allows persistent setting of various user preferences relevant to testing
    • Create an account in Bugzilla https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/
      • This is also not strictly required, but recommended strongly for reporting issues

  • Recommended Procedures
  • New feature testing
    • Choose a test charter or feature from the 1.20wmf02 list
    • Perform ET for that charter or feature on a non-Wikipedia site
    • Optional follow up: Do ET for similar actions on a Wikipedia site with 1.20wmf01 installed
  • Regression testing