Mediawiki 1.20wmf2 Feature Test Charters


Previously: Mediawiki 1.20wmf1 Feature Test Charters

1.20wmf2 Feature Test Charters:

Mediawiki Core

These are the significant changes to MediaWiki that might have an impact on the UI:

  • Investigate editing, using as much of the editor as possible
  • Investigate diff displays
    • Click 'View history' for particular pages; use "Compare selected revisions" to check display of differences over time.
    • Create original page edits; check resulting diffs.
      • Note: the diff display of edits involving spam are of interest, but it may not be possible to trigger a spam edit
  • Validate Special:Version (e.g display and data (see as a pointer to potential issues). Also see Extensions charters below.
  • Special Pages (for instance should display black "help text" correctly. For example Special:PrefixIndex shows text "Display pages with prefix:/Namespace:/Hide redirects". There is a risk that such text may render incorrectly under some circumstances.
  • Check displays after changing language selection in user preferences.

Mediawiki Extensions

Most if not all extensions have had localization updates for 1.20wmf2. Checking extensions under different languages involving non-Latin i18n characters is useful, as is checking extensions for function and appearance in different browsers. Language settings and other user preferences may be changed via the "My preferences" link when logged in.

Existing extensions are shown on the Special:Version page, e.g. Documentation for each extension is linked in the left-most column on S:V, links to the extensions themselves from the short sentences on the right side. Those with an interest may want to investigate the commit history of the code for each extension also available from S:V.