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MediaWiki 1.20/wmf2

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Deployment of MediaWiki 1.20wmf2 to Wikimedia sites


The latest version (labeled "1.20wmf2") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is currently being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages.

We started on April 30 and will continue until May 9 (see the roadmap).

We will continue to deploy the latest software every two weeks. This is intended to minimize disruption and possible issues, and make it easier to identify the cause of problems, since the possibly problematic code will be much more recent.

What's new

The new HD stylesheet adds increased padding for high resolution screens.

This is a very small set of changes, compared to the previous deployments, as this represents only the development activity between April 10 and April 30:

  • Core features
    • (bug 36047) Adds high definition (HD) CSS for the Vector skin
    • Add missing uploads link to deleted contributions.
    • Edit notices can now be translated.
  • Core bugfixes
    • bug 34934: allow moving files with rows with bad oi_archive_name values.
    • (bug 35920) Fix group addition/removal messages on Special:Listgrouprights
    • (bug 4045) BiDi: Embed links for parent pages according to content language by adding dirmarks.
    • (bug 34938) <title> empty on Sanskrit Wikipedia
    • (bug 35870) Fix pre-upload preview on IE 10 for Special:Upload
    • (bug 34852) new optional 'link' parameter to <gallery>
    • bug 35076 - when guessVariant is true, -{}- is not parsed but it is sometimes needed
    • (bug 33602) list=allusers throws exceptions with invalid names
    • (bug 34041) Remove 10000x10000 pixel option in preferences
    • (bug 26909) fix the navigation with 'dir'
    • (bug 31757) Add a word-separator between help-messages in HTMLForm
    • (bug 36012) Space in $separatorTransformTable should be non-breaking in Portuguese, Esperanto and Udmurt.
  • Extensions
    • AbuseFilter
      • (bug 18145) Diffs on some /details views are stretched horizontally.
    • AntiSpoof
      • (bug 35915) - Fixed a character equivalence issue (equivset: 3A5 Υ => 59 Y)
    • CentralAuth
      • Remove yaseo references
    • CentralNotice
      • (bug 30056) Adding documentation and class visibility to class.
    • CheckUser
      • ARIN WHOIS link rot fixed.
    • FlaggedRevs
      • [FlaggedRevs] Section anchor link encoding fixes for bug 35661.
    • LiquidThreads
      • bug 36107 - Fix for problem with API prop=info with invalid titles
    • Math
      • Update math parser test cases for new rendering defaults
    • MoodBar
    • Narayam
      • Do not check the string length of regular expression.
      • Fixing the rule for ~ in Tamil transliteration
      • Improvements for Punjabi transliteration.
      • Move te transliteration out of beta status (bug 33480)
    • ProofreadPage
      • (bug 34732) The scan does not appear on Opera.
      • (bug 35757) Add 'onlysection' parameter to <pages/>.
      • (bug 36070) <pagelist/> should show localized page numbers
      • (bug 36115) Anonymous users cannot change page status
      • (bug 36125) Position of quality buttons should not change
      • (bug 36158) <pages> transclusions allow for infinite loop
      • Fix fromsection and tosection system in the "pages" tag.
      • (bug 35757) Add 'onlysection' parameter to <pages/>.
      • Fix an exception thrown when viewing the page.
    • SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi
      • Fix display problems by using CSS classes .mw-code and .mw-code-inline
    • Translate
      • Better comparing of fuzzy translations
      • Disabled page translation links on mobile site until Translate supports mobile:)
      • Special:ManageMessageGroups performance improvements
    • UploadWizard
      • (bug 32246) Weird behavior when clicking on the name or the thumbnail of the file
      • (bug 35870) Fix pre-upload preview on IE 10 for Special:UploadWizard
      • Experimental opt-in mode for UploadWizard's chunked uploads feature
      • Fix display order of uploaded files.
      • (bug 33337) Large Thumbnail Preview popup has scrollbar
      • show error if selected file is too large
      • Support chunked uploads in IE 10
    • WebFonts
      • Add supports for fonts with style variants
    • WikiEditor
      • Adding Tamil numerals special character insertion toolbar.
      • (bug 34885) Fixes issue where old toolbar was killed, even when the new toolbar was incompatible
      • Adding pretty quotation marks for Hebrew.
      • Moved character 25cc (dotted circle) before the diacritic.
      • RTL fix for special characters insertion links.
      • Updating the Gujarati character insertion toolbar.
      • modified as per bug 35879
    • WikiLove
      • better SVG icon
  • Developer features and fixes:
    • Update jQuery UI to 1.8.19
    • Many FileBackend and FileRepo changes to improve Swift usage
    • Minor improvements to memcache client (BagOStuff)
    • (bug 34428) Fixed incorrect hash mismatch errors in the DiffHistoryBlob
    • Added GitViewers hook for extensions using external git repositories to have a web-based repository viewer linked to from Special:Version.
    • (bug 22887) Add warning and tracking category for preprocessor errors
    • (bug 30410) Removed deprecated $wgFilterCallback and the 'filtered' API error.
    • (bug 34956) Parser should use mUrlProtocol instead of wfUrlProtocols()
    • (bug 30410) Remove deprecated $wgFilterCallback. The 'filtered' API error was also removed, along with EditPage::AS_FILTERING.
    • More refactoring to use context objects instead of globals
    • Refactoring previewnote.
    • (bug 35884) Removed unnecessary width:auto on header elements
    • (bug 34669) Disable CSS concatenation, breaks @import
    • (bug 35685) Add section with entry point URLs to Special:Version
    • Fix magic $ aliasing in ResourceLoader
    • New DBDataObject ORM implementation
    • New CacheHelper: facilitate caching handling on a page
    • New Language::formatDuration() method
    • Deprecate WebRequest::escapeAppendQuery()
    • Make API action=tokens extendable
    • Add function OutputPage::getHeadLinksArray()
    • bug 36235 - Adding TranslationNotifications
    • (bug 35855) fix min and max parameters in list=allcategories
    • Corrected capitalization in the file and class names of API modules
    • (bug 35961) Hash comparison should always be strict.
    • (bug 33658) support for {{GRAMMAR:}} in jqueryMsg
    • (bug 31757) Add a word-separator between help-messages in HTMLForm
    • (bug 32537) Pre-register default-loaded RL modules in the client-side

Developers have also improved the software "under the hood" in many ways. A more detailed list of changes can be found in the draft release notes.

If you encounter issues


If, despite our efforts, you encounter issues due to the upgrade; we'll try and fix them as soon as we can. Please report issues in our bug tracker, which is where we look for reports of problems. And the faster you tell us about problems, the faster we can address them.