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The first meeting would be a meetup, Dan talking about vagrant/puppet. Appox. one workshop/talk a month, but we do not have to have a workshop/talk every month.

  • Vagrant and puppet internals (two or one topic? ask Dan)
    • in general
    • for browser tests
    • make the first contribution from mediawiki-vagrant machine
    • running browser tests from mediawiki-vagrant machine
      • which browsers are available?
  • Survey of practice of all tested extensions. - how stuff is implemented, tips and tricks (Chris to do the survey and collate examples for discussion)
    • example: rspec expect syntax
    • example: step re-use in MF
    • example: heuristics for identifying real bugs vs. test problems (including good ATDD descriptions and confusing ATDD descriptions)
  • Current issues and problems with tests and systems (e.g. performance; IE; Selenium vs VE; etc.)
    • Jenkins architecture and limitations
    • Cursoring in VE
    • handling iframes well
    • challenges for Flow
    • REALLY do ATDD/BDD. How can we make the tests pass before merge to master?
  • Exploratory testing
    • guest speaker? (Chris can think of a few SF people, Elisabeth Hendrickson)
    • exploratory testing vs test automation
  • Jenkins
    • Jenkins Job Builder!
    • Zuul
    • Running tests after patch set submission
    • Running tests once/twice a day
  • Test environments
    • Current state of beta labs, testwiki, test2wiki/mw.o/etc
    • Future needs
      • Second beta labs?
      • Bare metal env for performance testing?
      • Multiple hosted vagrant or docker envs?

NOTE: we should update Guillaume's categories for monthly tech news also.