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Roles y permisos en phabricator.wikimedia.org.

Usuarios anónimos

Los usuarios anónimos pueden ver toda la información pública en modo de solo lectura.

Usuarios registrados

Los usuarios registrados pueden realizar todas las actividades cotidianas: crear y editar tareas, hacer comentarios, subir prototipos y archivos, editar su propio perfil...

Cualquier usuario de Wikimedia SUL o LDAP se puede registrar.

ACL groups

Phabricator contain some ACL projects which is used to enforce policy restrictions. The following is a partial list of ACL projects; the description is usually only part of permissions of the groups.

ACL projects are for access control only; they are not meant to be used for task management. Tasks should be added to a corresponding team project (which is public).

Other than those indicated specifically, membership application are handled by tasks in the Phabricator project.

A minimal policy control group for access to certain features in Phabricator which might be prone to abuse, including "protect as security issue" feature and personal Herald rules.
Have permission of batch edits.
Create projects. See phab:T706 for permission request. Note public projects may be edited by all Trusted-Contributors.
Create and edit Diffusion Repositories.
Policy-Admins and subprojects; acl*sre-team, acl*stewards, acl*otrs-admins, etc.
Various "policy admins" projects are used to manage access policies of Phabricator objects (for example, tasks and other projects). They are also used in space policies. Other than dedicated "policy admins" projects, ACL projects may also be created for otherwise defined restricted user groups or WMF teams.
Manages homepage dashboard and global Herald rules.
Access to tasks restricted to some of WMF employee, and volunteers who signed Trusted Volunteer Access & Confidentiality Agreement (see that page for process to sign).
Access to Security issues. Members must be approved by Wikimedia Security Team and have 2FA enabled. See Access To Security Issues for group membership unless otherwise indicated. Per phab:T244165, members consist of the following subgroups (Wikimedia Security Team may define additional subgroups):
For current bugwrangler(s).
acl*security_developer, acl*security_documentation, acl*security_legal, acl*security_management, acl*security_product_manager, acl*security_program_manager, acl*security_releng, acl*security_secteam, acl*security_sre, acl*security_trusa
Some groups of WMF employees, who have access to security issues for work purposes. NDA is signed as part of Terms of Employment.
WMDE employees who have access to security issues for work purposes.
(Some of) current stewards who have access to security issues. (This ACL is separate from acl*stewards, which includes all stewards with a Phabricator account and does not give access to security issues.)
Other volunteer with access to security issues.


Los administradores pueden hacer mucho y romper mucho, pero en Phabricator no son todopoderosos por diseño. Pueden acceder a datos protegidos (excepto tu contraseña) y pueden hacerlos accesibles a otros de forma accidental. Sin embargo, los administradores no pueden sortear las políticas de acceso a objetos.

Por estos motivos, la pertenencia al equipo de administración está muy restringida. Nadie puede ser un administrador de Phabricator sin firmar un acuerdo de confidencialidad. Debe definirse un proceso para unirse o dejar este equipo. Also see the (now obsolete) Bugzilla administrator rights policy.

Some tasks (e.g. removing Two Factor Authentication) may not be done by ordinary Phabricator administrators; They may only be performed by people with shell access to Phabricator servers.

Formación en Phabricator

See the Help page to learn more about using Phabricator.