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Funções e permissões em

Utilizadores anónimos

Anonymous users can view all the public information as read-only.

Utilizadores registados

Registered users can perform all the common activities: create and edit tasks, comment, upload mockups and files, edit their own profile...

Any Wikimedia SUL and any Wikimedia LDAP user can register.

Equipa do Phabricator

Equipas relacionadas com segurança

The Security group project has access to Security issues. See Access To Security Issues for group membership.


Administrators can do and break a lot, although in Phabricator they are not all-powerful by design. They can access protected data (except your password), and they can make it accessible to others accidentally. However, administrators cannot bypass object access policies.

For these reasons, membership of the Administrators team is very restricted. No one can be an administrator in Phabricator without signing an NDA. A process to join/leave this team must be defined (currently, please file a task under phab:tag/phabricator/ and explain your reasoning). Also see the (now obsolete) Bugzilla administrator rights policy.

Formação sobre o Phabricator

Consulte a página da 'Ajuda' para saber mais sobre a utilizado do Phabricator.