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Forms in Phabricator[edit]

New content is entered into Phabricator primarily by filling out forms. The forms can be customized in various ways and custom forms can be saved for specialized use-cases. Forms are explained in the official Phabricator documentation topic User Guide: Customizing Forms

Some examples of custom forms used by the Wikimedia Foundation include the following:

To create a new form, see Phabricator/Project management#Creating custom forms for Task Creation and Editing.

Favorites Menu[edit]

Favorites menu including several default options: Report Security Issues, Create Task, Browse Source Code, Browse Events, and "Edit Favorites"
Example screenshot of the Phabricator Favorites Menu

There are other specialized forms and some are used by small groups of people so it doesn't make sense to clutter the interface with forms that are not used by the majority of users in Phabricator. This consideration has lead to the development of the Favorites menu. The Favorites menu can be customized by each user according to their needs. This menu is accessed by clicking the Bookmark button which is near the upper right corner of the Phabricator interface, just to the left of the user menu and search box.

Adding forms to your Favorites[edit]

You can add any available form to your favorites menu for easy access from anywhere inside Phabricator. To edit your favorites menu, visit the favorites editor which can be accessed by clicking "Edit Favorites" at the bottom of the favorites menu.

Favorites screenshot
Screenshot of the favorites menu editing interface.

To add a form, click the link labeled "+ Form" in the menu on the right side of the page. This will present a dialog with two fields, "Form" and "Name." You can select a form by typing into the "Form" field or by clicking the browse button (magnifying glass icon) on the right side of the dialog.

screenshot of add item dialog box

Browsing is easier if you do not already know the name of the form you want to add. That will bring up a dialog with a list of all available forms for you to choose from.

Once you have selected a form you can optionally enter an alternate name for the form, otherwise the default name will be used.

Finally, click the blue button labeled "Create menu item" to finish adding the form to your favorites menu.