Phabricator/Help/Task Creation URL


This page describes one way how to pre-fill data in a task creation form in Phabricator by defining that data outside of Phabricator. To have data pre-filled server-side in Phabricator via a dedicated custom form, see Phabricator/Help/Forms.

Wiki pages which offer a "Report an issue in Phabricator" link can pass numerous values via URL parameters appended to the generic task creation link such as:

  • projects=project-name1,project-name2
  • assign=username
  • title=Title%20of%20task
  • description=Description%20of%20task
  • template=XXXX
  • priority=[100, 90, 80, 50, 25, 10]
  • parent=[######] (without a 'T')

Prefix your properties with "?" and use "&" to chain properties together.

Example: would create a new task with the tag "Beta-Feature" and prefix the title with "Hovercards".

Parameters which are not exposed in the default task creation form are ignored. Some users with specific permissions could use the advanced form under instead.

Change the form number to get a different form: instead of /form/1 in the URL, use /form/43 to get the bug report form, /form/75 for security reports, and /form/102 for feature requests.

The Phabulous tool hosted on Toolforge can be used to make generating complex prefill links easier. It provides an HTML form much like the Phabricator task creation form itself and outputs a well formed and properly encoded URL suitable for pasting.

See also upstream documentation on prefilling fields and the list of available HTTP parameters when creating a task.