Phabricator/Help/Herald Rules

Available global Herald options in Maniphest

 Creating Herald rules for notifications[edit]

Currently restricted to members of the groups #Trusted-Contributors, #WMF-NDA, acl*Batch-Editors, and Phabricator admins.

This is how you create custom (personal) notification rules in Wikimedia Phabricator's Herald. Imagine you want to watch all the tasks that are being created:

  1. Click Create Herald Rule.
  2. Select Maniphest Tasks and Personal.
  3. Give a descriptive name to the rule, i.e. "All New Tasks".
  4. In Conditions, select all of, Is newly created?, and is True.
  5. In Action, select every time and Send me an email.
  6. Save Rule.

This is it. From that point, you will receive an email for every task being created. This is probably too much, though. This is how you can filter these notifications:

  • If you want to be notified about new tasks only in specific projects, add a New Condition, and then select Projects and include any of, adding the projects you are interested about.
  • If you want to be notified about new tasks only from specific users, add a New Condition, and then select Author and is any of, adding the users you are interested about.

You see where is this going. Adapting these rules you can watch the entire activity of a specific project without having to join it, you can watch certain keywords across the entire Phabricator, etc.

Global Herald rules[edit]

To create global Herald rules (rules unrelated to your personal account, like adding a project to a task when another project is added), create a task in Phabricator describing your request. If the request is not completed within a reasonable amount of time, contact one of the Phabricator admins (preferably User:AKlapper (WMF)).