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Changes in Phabricator tasks can create a lot of notification emails. This page covers ways to prioritize mail and welcomes documenting helpful practices.

Reducing the number of notifications[edit]

  • Check your email preferences for which specific actions (e.g. status, owner, priority, subtask, or subscriber changes) in a task you would like to (not) receive notifications. Prolific users might want to reduce email settings to a minimum, such as in File:Phabricator email settings panel.png.
  • As a project member, you can opt out of project mail via the Disable Mail on the project's Members page.
  • If you get notifications for all tasks in a project and want to not get notified about a specific task, use Mute Notifications in the specific task.
  • You can disable notifications about your own actions under phab:settings/panel/emaildelivery/.

Filtering notifications[edit]

  • Phabricator mail notifications include message header fields (such as X-Phabricator-Stamps for most metadata, X-Phabricator-Projects for project tags associated to the task, X-Phabricator-Mail-Tags for actions performed) that common email clients (except for the GMail web interface) allow filtering on.
    • If you use the GMail web interface and want to inspect the header fields of an email, click Show original in the message dropdown menu.
  • If you use the GMail web interface and want to filter on header fields, set Send Stamps to Mail Headers and Body under phab:settings/panel/emailformat/. This will duplicate the content of the header fields to the bottom of the message body. Gmail allows filtering on content in the message body. Steps and screenshots are available in phab:T150766#3977670.
  • Depending on your needs, you could filter on X-Phabricator-Mail-Stamps values such as actor(@username) (who triggered the notification), author(@username) (author of the task), tag(#someproject) (but not for subprojects as only an internal PHID is used), task-owner(@username) (task assignee), task-priority(number) (available numbers: 100 = unbreak now; 90 = needs triage; 80 = high; 50 = normal; 25 = low; 10 = lowest), task-status(status) (status such as "open"), task-unassigned() (when no task assignee is set).
  • You can also distinguish when you were explicitly mentioned in a comment by filtering X-Phabricator-Mail-Stamps on mention(@yourusername).
  • If you need to specifically filter on subprojects and do not use the Gmail web interface, consider filtering on the X-Phabricator-Projects instead of X-Phabricator-Mail-Stamps.
  • Please read the Managing Phabricator Email user guide for more information.

Alternative: Web notifications[edit]

If you strictly only follow tasks and projects that you regularly want to see all updates about (for example by using personal flags for "less important" tasks that don't require regular awareness), you could change numerous dropdowns in your email preferences under "Maniphest Tasks" from "Email" to "Notify" and then check your latest unread web notifications.

Disabling email notifications[edit]