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List of parser extension tags in a typical Wikipedia edition, and their corresponding extensions. A wiki's Special:Version page lists its available tags in a "Parser extension tags" section.

<categorytree> Extension:Categorytree
<ce> chemical element
<charinsert> Extension:Charinsert
<gallery> Core
<graph> Extension:Graph
<hiero> Extension:Hiero
<imagemap> Extension:Imagemap
<indicator> Core MW 1.25+
<inputbox> Extension:Inputbox
<mapframe> Extension:Kartographer
<maplink> Extension:Kartographer
<math> Extension:Math
<nowiki> Core
<poem> Extension:Poem
<pre> Core
<ref> Extension:Cite
<references> Extension:Cite
<score> Extension:Score
<section> Extension:Section
<syntaxhighlight> and its deprecated ancestor <source> Extension:Syntaxhighlight
<templatedata> Extension:Templatedata
<timeline> Extension:Timeline

Other installations[edit]

Most non-Wikipedia wikis and some Wikipedias:

<dynamicpagelist> Extension:Dynamicpagelist

Multilingual wikis and some chapter wikis:

<languages> Extension:Translate, WMF-wiki, Meta-wiki and WMUA-wiki only:

<rss> Extension:RSS

Some wikis:

<talkpage> Extension:LiquidThreads (Note: Unmaintained)
<thread> Extension:LiquidThreads (Note: Unmaintained)

Disabled by default:

<html> Core

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