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Purpose[edit | edit source]

The Collaboration team has the following goals:

Encourage more new users to sign up for and contribute to Wikimedia projects
Encourage new editors to continue participating
Keep contributors motivated to contribute more.

As with any project around participation, we need to make sure we attract and retain the right kind of editors, i.e., editors that contribute in a positive manner to our projects.

Rationale[edit | edit source]

Since peaking in 2007, the number of active editors on Wikipedia projects has been declining. The Editor Trends Study identified one of the main drivers of decline as the decrease in retention rate of new editors. The declining number of New Wikipedians is another cause of the decline. As a results of this research, Sue posted the March 2011 Update describing these trends and their implications for the Wikimedia communities. Subsequent to the March 2011 Update, Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees passed the Openness Resolution (April 8, 2011). This resolution recognizes that for the Foundation's goals to succeed, a more stable editing community is critical to the long-term sustainability and quality of the movement and its projects. Accordingly, the Executive Director has been charged with reversing the editor decline top priority for the upcoming year.

Current active projects[edit | edit source]

Flow, discussion and collaboration software, is the key initiative of the team. Flow code changes in Gerrit

You can find us in IRC at #wikimedia-collaborationconnect.

Past projects[edit | edit source]

There is also a list of smaller issues related to the new editor experience that deserve attention. Please amend and comment on the issue list if you want to add your input.

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