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This page aims to discuss the features that have been enabled and are being worked on in our mobile web project.

Future project ideas[edit]

Archived projects[edit]

These are past projects that we are not currently working on. They are archived here for reference.

Mobile Web Typography Updates[edit]

Mobile Web Screenshot

In 2012 we introduced Serif headings for sections and sans serif for body copy to clearly differentiate them from body paragraphs, increased leading between body paragraph lines, as well as stronger differentiation between text that is part of the user interface of the site and the article content created by the community. Typography improvements to the mobile site have been well-received by Wikipedia readers, since reading and consuming written content has long been the primary activity that mobile users engage in. We have used Wikimedia mobile as a place to experiment with new features and designs; we hope to migrate those that perform well to the desktop version of our sites. With these design updates, we are taking another step toward a consistent visual experience across desktop and mobile. As with all Foundation design projects, we strive to create an experience that is accessible, understandable, consistent and beautiful, to benefit readers and editors alike.


The introduction of a Watchlist on Mobile Web enabled users to do two things. The watchlist 'star' appears for all article and non logged in users. It has been one of the most effective channels that encourages anonymous users to log in. - Follow or save articles that they wanted to read later - Monitor articles for vandalism

Uploading an image to an article[edit]

Uploading the lead image for an article can be significantly complicated on Wikipedia Desktop. We simplified it into a 3 step process and included a call to action for missing lead images at the top of articles that enables logged in users to quickly add images that will help illustrate Wikipedia articles.


Users with smartphones often take photos. To encourage contribution we created a list of 'articles near you'. These would allow users to upload photos for articles near them that were missing lead images.

This activity has helped illustrate many Wikipedia Articles.